BLACKPINK Comeback Song Leaked: YG Entertainment Deletes All Videos Related to Jeon So Mi's Live Broadcast

Credit: BLACKPINK/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BLACKPINK/YouTube Screenshot

BLACKPINK and BLINKS panicked after Somi accidentally leaked the girl group’s song during her Instagram Live broadcast.

BLACKPINK’s fandom has been waiting to see another comeback project from the girl group following their continued international success. Surprisingly, they hinted about their return after this year’s summer during a VLIVE session in January.

“I can’t give you spoilers or tell you when it is and I’ve said this many times today, but we’re also working very, very hard. There will be good news soon, so let’s hang in there,” Jennie said.

The girls have not released new information yet about their upcoming project since then. But YG Entertainment’s artist, Somi, accidentally spoiled fans with a part of the group’s new song.

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Did Somi Accidentally Leak BLACKPINK’s Song?

Somi recently hosted an Instagram Live session while she was at the YG Entertainment headquarters. During her stay, the K-pop idol recorded herself walking around the building as she searched for an empty studio where she could continue her Live.

However, the Anymore hitmaker accidentally entered a studio where staff played an unreleased song. She quickly closed the door to prevent the audio from being heard, but viewers still perceived the song and the voice of a female singing its lyrics.

After the incident, Somi went back to the room and told the producer, who was later identified as R. Tee, that she was filming the entire time. The producer, who expressed his disbelief off-camera, said he was going to be in serious trouble.

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Near the end of the broadcast, the 20-year-old idol said she hoped her viewers did not hear anything.

“[I hope you] didn’t hear anything, because I tried my best to close that door”. She added: “I’m very hot right now, ’cause I was very surprised. My heart dropped that second, so I was like, ‘Oh my god,’” she said.

Shortly after the incident, fans started speculating that the snippet might be one of Jennie’s lines. YG Entertainment quickly resolved the issue after the clip was reuploaded and reposted multiple times. The archived clips have since been removed due to copyright infringement.

BLACKPINK’s Comeback Critical in YG Entertainment’s Stock Price

The label had to fix the issue quickly as BLACKPINK’s comeback is expected to cause a positive impact on its stock price.

Shinhan Investment researcher Ji In Hae revealed in February that a newly proposed target price for YG Entertainment is around 89,000 KRW ($74). Three days before, YG Entertainment’s stock price closed at $54.

With that said, the agency is expected to create a revenue of $408 million and an operating profit of $58.8 million in 2022 alone. With that said, it is no longer shocking that the company took immediate action following the reported leak.

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