28 Jul 2020 1:48 PM +00:00 UTC

Black Widow Star Reveals He Almost Had to Give Up His Part

O.T. Fagbenle is set to star in Marvel Studios' Black Widow as Mason, a mysterious man with a romantic history with Scarlett Johansson's Natasha Romanoff. The MCU film is just one of the many projects he had big plans for in 2020, revealing that he almost had to give up the Marvel role.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Fagbenle revealed how Marvel Studios contacted him, he also opened up about juggling both London-based productions, Maxxx and Black Widow.

The actor initially "balked" when he got word that Marvel Studios wanted him to audition while he was on vacation in Mexico. "I guess I didn't think it was a real thing. And I was so obsessed with Maxxx," he said.

"After I'd recorded it, I was like, 'Oh that's pretty good tape, actually,'" Fagbenle continued with a laugh, adding that things just "escalated" again and again to the point where it finally sank in that he's going to be in a Marvel movie.

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Credit: Marvel

However, at one point, Black Widow was going to conflict with Maxxx's schedule, with Fagbenle worried that he had to give up his part in The MCU. "Maxxx was not a movable thing in my heart," the actor says. "It was a scary thing to be faced with the prospect of having to make Sophie's choice."


Fortunately, though, director Cate Shortland "recognized" Fagbenle's passion for Maxxx and proceeded to make accommodations for Fagbenle so he could do both projects.

Despite having some conflicts with his schedule and Fagbenle's passion for Maxxx clearly outweighing that of his role in Black Widow, Shortland making adjustments for Fagbenle suggests that the studio is keen on having the actor play the part.

Fagbenle is speculated to play the movie's villain, Taskmaster. Regardless if it's obvious or not, his part technically remains to be a mystery until the movie hits theaters.

Black Widow is set for release on November 6.

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