Black Butler Season 4: Public School Arc Release Date Confirmed

Black Butler (2024) Release Guide: All You Need to Know!
Credit: CloverWorks

Black Butler (2024) Release Guide: All You Need to Know!
Credit: CloverWorks

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Black Butler fans can rejoice as the anime is returning soon with its fourth season titled Black Butler: Public School Arc. Moreover, Black Butler season 4's release date is now confirmed, along with other important details.

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Where Does Black Butler Season 4: Public School Arc Fit into the Timeline?

Black Butler season 4 will continue adapting the manga instead of rebooting from scratch. It will initially focus on the manga's Public School arc, as the official teaser confirms.

Black Butler's releases have been a bit messy. Season 1, which first came out in 2008, started adapting the manga from the beginning, but strayed in the last few episodes, giving its own ending.

Black Butler season 2 was a direct continuation of this original ending. It introduced a new young lord and a new butler before Ciel and Sebastian even made an appearance.

This was easily the least well-received Black Butler show. The series, OVAs, and movie that came after ignored everything that wasn't canon and adapted individual manga arcs.

An earlier trailer confirmed that the 2024 series will do the same, adapting the Public School arc of the manga.

In the first trailer, Queen Victoria expresses her concern because several students refuse to return home from the prestigious Weston College.

To better investigate, Ciel decides to pose as a student and infiltrate the school to find out the answer from the inside.

Black Butler Season 4: Public School Arc Unveils April Release Date

Black Butler (2024) Release Date
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Credit: CloverWorks

Black Butler's official website has confirmed that the Public School arc is coming out on April 13, 2024.

This means that the fourth season will air as part of the spring 2024 anime lineup alongside titles such as Kaiju No. 8 and Spice and Wolf: Merchant Meets the Wise Wolf.

Black Butler Public School Arc Voice Actors Revealed

Fans of the original series were delighted to learn that the voice actors for Sebastian and Ciel will reprise their respective roles in the upcoming season.

They will be joined by new cast members who will portray new characters in the Public School arc. Here are the confirmed voice actors for Black Butler season 4:

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  • Toshiki Watanabe (also Okahiki in Gintama) as Edgar Redmond

More cast members will likely be announced heading into the spring season.

Where to Watch Black Butler Season 4

Where to Watch Black Butler (2024)
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Credit: CloverWorks

The show's trailers confirm that Black Butler season 4 is going to be available to stream on Crunchyroll in the US, UK, Europe, and other select regions.

There's currently no information about the new Black Butler anime's distribution by any other provider aside from Crunchyroll.

Which Studio Will Produce Black Butler: Public School Arc?

Black Butler (2024) Studio
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Credit: CloverWorks

While all Black Butler anime so far were produced by A-1 Pictures (home to Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, 86, and the ongoing Solo Leveling anime), CloverWorks is now taking up the mantle.

CloverWorks has recently worked on some very popular and beloved anime such as Spy x Family and Bocchi the Rock!

Moreover, the neo-Victorian aesthetics of the studio's other recent work, Shadows House, suggest that they could make Black Butler look amazing.

The series will be directed by Kenjirou Okada who is known for many great works, including March Comes In Like a Lion (2016) and RWBY: Ice Queendom (2022).

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