Billy Bob Thornton Heartbreak: Angelina Jolie’s Ex-Husband In Danger Of Dying? Veteran Actor Allegedly Suffers From Multiple Health Problems

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Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube Screenshot

Billy Bob Thornton is, allegedly, on the brink of death because of all the health issues that he’s dealing with. The 1983 actor was married to Angelina Jolie between 2000 and 2003. Even after their split, the exes managed to stay friends.

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Angelina Jolie’s Ex-Husband Billy Bob Thornton Is Allegedly Dying

National Enquirer, in its Feb. 21 issue, claimed that Thornton is on borrowed time so he’s making the most out of his daily life and activities.

“Billy Bob is appreciating every day he has and enjoying his work, his family, and his friends. But knowing his heart could explode at any time is always at the back of his mind,” an unnamed source said.

Billy Bob Thornton History Of Health Issues Revisited

Thornton reportedly turned vegan after he suffered from heart problems. In 1980, the actor reportedly suffered heart failure at the age of 30. At the time, he was allegedly diagnosed with myocarditis.

In 1998, he lost a considerable amount of weight while starring in the movie A Simple Plan. And even when he already reached the required weight for his role, he still couldn’t stop himself from crash dieting. As such, he allegedly dropped to 138 pounds, which is extremely low for someone as tall as him.

Billy Bob Thornton Doesn’t Want To Leave His Family Behind

Two years later, Thornton was hospitalized due to another health crisis. And the actor’s health problems continued even after his marriage to Jolie ended in 2003.

“He doesn’t want to wind up in the hospital again with his family crying beside him, but he knows he could die at any moment and that scares him silly,” an unnamed source said.

However, there’s no indication that the publication’s claims are true. When Thornton was with Jolie, there was also no reported instance of the actor’s health deteriorating.

Angelina Jolie, Billy Bob Thornton Opened Up About Their Relationship

According to Us Weekly, Thornton and Jolie’s marriage was a tumultuous one. Despite their 20-year age gap, the exes were known for the public displays of affection.

Thornton and Jolie also made headlines years ago amid reports that they have a necklace with a vial of each other’s blood as their pendant.

Jolie and Thornton were still legally married in 2002 when the actress decided to adopt her eldest son, Maddox from Cambodia. And just months later, the exes announced their split. Their divorce was finalized in 2003.

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While speaking with The New York Times years ago, Jolie defended her relationship with Thornton from their critics.


“People think they know a lot about our relationship. They know very little. What little they know, they’ve got pretty strong opinions about. I can’t help that. But I don’t think there’s anything weird about us… I’m just a very normal woman who is crazy about her man. And I’m also a lot of other things,” she said.

In 2001, Thornton also spoke with The Guardian and said he sometimes felt scared of Jolie.

“It’s one of the things I like about this marriage. I was always afraid in relationships before, but I’m not afraid of her. Well, I am afraid of her, I told her that once. First, I told her I wasn’t afraid of her, and then 20 minutes later I told her the opposite, that I was afraid of her,” he said.

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