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Brad Pitt Heartbreak: Ad Astra Actor Traumatized From Dating Because Of Angelina Jolie? Actor Allegedly Prefers Hooking Up With No Strings Attached

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Brad Pitt has not had any luck in love since his divorce from Angelina Jolie was announced in 2016.

However, Pitt has not dated anyone by choice and not because he’s struggling to find a woman. Perhaps, the Ad Astra actor has a lot of things on his plate on top of his custody battle with Jolie. And all these are making it difficult for him to prioritize his dating life.

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Brad Pitt Scared To Fall In Love Because Of Angelina Jolie

Life & Style, in its Feb. 14 issue, claimed that Brad Pitt has not dated anyone in years because he’s traumatized by what happened between him and Jolie. The exes still haven’t resolved their issues with regard to their children’s custody.

“He’s scarred by Angie. He calls her the elephant in the room since so many potential dates are turned off by their ongoing legal battle. Angie tries to dig up dirt to use against him and does background checks on people he’s connected to. No one wants to be dragged into their war,” an unnamed source claimed.

Brad Pitt Likes To Hook Up With Women, Refuses To Commit

The insider also said that Pitt prefers to hook up with random women because it’s easier to have a no-strings-attached type of fling instead of an official relationship.

“At least there’s no drama or the risk of getting hurt again,” the unnamed source said.

Pitt has also, allegedly, experienced what it’s like to be used by the women that he hung out with simply because he’s an actor. This allegedly added to the actor’s dating trauma.

“Brad says his fame is a curse, that true love is hard to find these days, especially in Hollywood, where there are so many gold-diggers and social climbers. He’ll meet someone, they’ll go on a few dates, she’ll ask for a role or for him to put in a good word with producers – especially the up-and-coming actresses. He’s learned his lesson. Then there’s the flip side. Some women can’t handle the spotlight that comes with knowing Brad,” the unnamed source said.

Brad Pitt’s Friends Think He’s Lying

However, Pitt’s friends aren’t allegedly convinced that he’s given up on dating completely. They think that he’s just saying that he has not met anyone in the past couple of years so that he can still keep his relationships private.

Hollywood Life recently confirmed that Pitt is single. However, the publication also said that it’s only a matter of time before the actor dates someone but whoever it is will be very different from Pitt’s former love interests.

“He really enjoys his privacy and just staying out of the public eye as much as he can. Brad knows that's not always possible but he manages the best he can. He isn’t dating anyone at the moment and if he does, it would be someone far different from his past relationships,” a source claimed.

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Brad Pitt Wants To Date Someone Who’s Not An Actress

The source added that Pitt is a very simple guy that’s why he prefers to be with a non-showbiz partner.

“Brad comes from very humble beginnings and he never imagined he would skyrocket to the stardom he’s achieved. He loved living that Hollywood life for a long time. But when it comes down to it, it’s not really who Brad is or even who he sees himself with,” the source said.

Pitt’s ex-wives, Jolie and Jennifer Aniston are also single. Jolie has not also dated anyone since her divorce from Pitt. Aniston, on the other hand, dated and wed Justin Theroux, but their union was also short-lived.

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