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Billions Renewed For New Installment Following Season 6 Premiere

Credit: Billions on SHOWTIME/YouTube Screenshot

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Billions. Read at your own risk.

Avid fans and viewers waited for two months to witness the latest events on Billions. Season 6 premiered earlier in January and has since continued to take its course on small screens.

On Wednesday, Showtime surprised the fandom with an announcement about the financial crime drama’s future. As noted, they have given the series its green light for a new season.

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Billions Confirmed To Continue To Season 7

Cartermatt released a report about the shocking developments over at Showtime. As explained, the surprise comes as Billions has yet to scratch beneath the surface of its latest installment.

The announcement, nevertheless, confirms that the hit series will continue to move forward after the sixth season. However, there is still little to no information about the seventh installment.

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It is reportedly “fair to expect,” though, that Season 7 will premiere sometime in 2023. As pointed out, each season of the show drops on the network every year beginning from 2016.

It is also unclear whether it will serve as the final installment of the show. This is a question many seemingly have these days, with the publication asserting that the fandom is already at a point where it is a “fair” matter to discuss.

Whatever the case, though, more information will certainly come to light in the next few months.

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Mixed Reception For Season 6

The same outlet consequently discussed the general reception for Billions Season 6. It claimed that there is a “mixed” response from the public due to the departure of Damian Lewis as Axe after Season 5.

During the last season’s finale, Axelrod took a deal to avoid jail time, which would last 15 to 25 years. He, then, ran to Switzerland after having Mike Prince buy him out.

With this at hand, it appears that the show’s sixth season has become a “transition” material for the series, hitting the reset button for its overall dynamic.

While the show tries to work it all out, with Corey Stoll’s Mike Prince taking over Damian Lewis’ Axelrod, fans still hope for the latter’s return on Billions in the future.

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