Big Shot Season 2: John Stamos Reveals Episode That’s Bob Saget Inspired

Credit: Disney Plus/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Disney Plus/YouTube Screenshot

John Stamos and the late comedian Bob Saget has been known for their incredible friendship, stemming from their time together in the hit sitcom Full House. Now, Stamos reveals the special tribute he made to honor his friend in Big Shot Season 2.

Stamos revealed that Saget heavily influenced the emotional storyline in Big Shot Season 2. So, which story is it?

The Big Shot Season 2 Storyline that Bob Saget Inspired

In an interview with ScreenRant, Stamos revealed that through his role as Marvyn, he aimed to explore the legacy and importance of letting people know their positive impact and how loved they were while they were still alive.

Sadly, Saget might not know these things when he was still alive.

"He didn't know how loved he was, and it was a tragedy that he didn't get to hear what people thought of him," he said.

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Saget untimely passed away five months before Big Shot Season 2 started, so Stamos wanted to create a plotline about legacy.

"Because I don't think Bob knew the impact that he had…and how he touched so many lives—how many lives he saved.," he continued.

From there, he thought of doing an episode where Marvyin' friend, an old coach mentor, died.

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"He gets this outpouring of love like Bob, and [Marvyn's like], 'What am I leaving here? What's my legacy? What have I done in my life?'" he added. "He gets a chance to hear what he's done that he maybe doesn't realize. At graduation, the girls tell him what he means to them, and other people say, 'This is how you changed my life.'"

For Stamos, it was a beautiful story that Saget inspired.

Bob Saget's Untimely Passing

TMZ broke the news about Saget's passing.

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He was found dead inside his hotel room in Orlando in January. According to the report, he fell and hit his head, resulting in a fatal brain bleed that ultimately led to his death. He was 65 years old.

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