Big Mouth Replacing Jenny Slate with Comedian Ayo Edebiri for Role of Missy

Back during the height of the #BlackLivesMatter protests back in June, actress Jenny Slate had announced that she would no longer be voicing Missy—a young black girl—in the Netflix animated show Big Mouth. With no update on that for a while, we now know who is going to be taking over the role.

Variety reports that comedian Ayo Edebiri will now be the new voice of Missy for Big Mouth Season 4. As it turns out Slate will actually be providing the voice for most of the season, but Edebiri will be taking over for the character during the ‘penultimate' episode. While I think they had already done the work with Slate and didn't want to waste it, I think the writers had found a way to write Missy's new voice into the show; while everyone had been changing, Missy is admittedly the latest bloomer among all the kids. No doubt Edebiri will be playing the role in full come future seasons.

Besides just playing Missy, Edebiri is also said to have been hired in the Big Mouth writers room. She had this to say about landing the gig:

"I was definitely a very uncomfortable child, so I think the show speaks to that and a lot of those feelings, which still resonate with me as an adult… I'm back home in my childhood bedroom right now and on my bookshelf in between ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events' is Bill Clinton's autobiography and Nelson Mandela's autobiography and a translation of ‘The Iliad' in Latin. I was a true dork. So I don't think I have to go too far to connect with Missy."

We don't know when Big Mouth returns to Netflix, but we should expect it sometime within the year.

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