‘Big Brother’ Season 24 Spoilers, Release Date, Predictions & Major Change Teased Ahead Of Premiere

Credit: Big Brother/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Big Brother/YouTube Screenshot

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Big Brother Season 24 vows to be different from all the previous installments of the hit CBS reality TV show. And longtime Big Brother fans can no longer wait to hear the latest scoop about their favorite TV program. So, here are some spoilers, predictions, and important updates from Big Brother Season 24.

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When Will Big Brother Season 24 Premiere?

The previous seasons of Big Brother premiered in June. Since the reality TV show is regarded as a summer program, the June release date has always been perfect. But for the first time this year, Big Brother Season 24 will premiere on July 6.

The delay isn’t surprising because CBS must accommodate several other shows. And changes in premiere dates are quite common, especially among TV shows in the United States. And a week or two of waiting for the premiere date isn’t a big deal, right? Or is it?

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Will There Be A Live Pre-Taped Premiere Episode For Big Brother Season 24?

In the previous seasons of Big Brother, fans are able to see when the group of contestants first enter the Big Brother house. Even though the premiere episode isn’t technically live, it is pre-taped as a live show with Julie Chen hosting.

But according to Cinema Blend, one of the major changes in Big Brother Season 24 has to do with the premiere episode. Even though the first installment is just a few weeks away from airing, there’s still no word regarding the live pre-taped premiere episode.

The publication also claimed that a rep for CBS admitted that they hadn’t finalized all the details yet, even if Big Brother Season 24 is just a few nights of sleep away.

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Who Will Be Cast In Big Brother Season 24?

Since Big Brother Season 24 is considered a regular season, fans can expect to see new faces entering the Big Brother house. However, there are also rumors that some fan favorites may return.

According to Screen Rant, host Chen may have been dropping clues with regards to the returning housemates. After all, she has been sharing throwback photos from the previous seasons of Big Brother on her Instagram account.

On Reddit, @lionsbane1764 is convinced that throwback photos from Season 14 and Season 18 mean that two houseguests from both batches will enter the Big Brother house again.

“So, Julie has been posting throwbacks to seasons for the past couple of weeks on Instagram. The first was BB14 and today was BB18 with the caption, ‘What do you remember?’ And it seems that some people, especially on Twitter, think that this could mean we might have four returning houseguests this summer. What are your thoughts? If you think it’ll happen, who would you like to see or think would come back?” the Big Brother fan wrote.

There are also some speculations that Big Brother Season 24 can feature a different concept by pitting vets and new houseguests against each other. Some fans are also convinced that the returning houseguests won’t compete for the $500,000 grand prize but will return as coaches.

Unfortunately, fans need to wait a couple more weeks before they find out if their speculations and predictions are correct. After all, Big Brother Season 24 won’t premiere until next month.

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