Big Bet Stars Reveal Surprising Truth About Their Working Relationship With Son Seok Koo

Credit: Hulu / YouTube screenshot

Credit: Hulu / YouTube screenshot

Son Seok Koo was praised by his Big Bet co-stars after showing a good influence among his fellow actors.

Apart from being an amazing actor, the 40-year-old star is among the celebrities who are passionate about his craft, showing a willingness to share his knowledge with his juniors.

In an article, Big Bet stars revealed how the actor is dedicated to his role and would help others stars with their characters.

According to a media outlet, the cast appeared on PD Na’s Youtube channel Channel 15ya where they spoke about their experience filming the series.

Big Bet Stars Talks About The Son Seok Koo Effect

During the interview, the Big Bet stars expressed their admiration for Son Seok Koo.

Lee Dong Hwi, who reprised his role as Yang Jung Pal, revealed that they would gather and stay in the actor’s room to study their characters and lines.

Moreover, the Reply 1988 star says that it helped him a lot in his work.

In addition, Lim Hyung Joon also shared how dedicated Son Seok Koo is and would even study during his break time.

“Son Seok Koo always calls me at night (to practice)” he said, sharing how persistent he's as persistent to review his line and even joking about it as if he is doing Bible study.

“But because he was so passionate, he wouldn't even realize the time,” he added and mentioned an instance when he wanted to swim but Son Seok Koo called him and wanted to talk about lines in the script.

Because of these, there were small talks about the versatile star giving tips that would make an actor become more alive” and attach to his character.

Lim Hyung Joon also cited that “other actors also wanted to meet him” because of it.

As for Squid Game actress Kim Joo Ryeong, who plays the supporting character Jin Young Hee, she revealed bombshell news that stunned everyone.

During the interview, she said that her screen time increased because of Son Seok Koo, to which Lee Dong Hwi replied "That happened to so many (actors)."

Is Son Seok Koo’s Drama Big Bet 2 Worth the Watch?

First released in December 2021, Big Bet was released on Hulu and was directed and penned by Kang Yoon Sung of The Roundup movie.

It follows the story of the legendary king of the casino in the Philippines named Cha Mu Sik, played by veteran actor Choi Min Sik.

However, amid his success, he gets caught up in a twisted fate after he got involve in a murder case.

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In Big Bet season 1, he is joined by Son Seok Koo, Lee Dong Hwi, Heo Sung Tae, and more.

Right after the series ended, officials announced the return of the action crime series with returning cast, Choi Min Sik, Son Seok Koo, and Lee Dong Hwi as lead stars alongside Kim Joo Ryoung.

Big Bet season 2 was released on February 15 and will air till March 22 with 8 episodes.

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