Son Seok Koo Relationship: My Liberation Notes Star's Rumored Girlfriends Revealed

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Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Son Seok Koo managed to bounce back from the controversy after joining the cast of My Liberation Notes.

For his comeback drama, he took the role of Mr. Gu, a mysterious outsider who came to a peaceful town.

Viewers were drawn to the unique story and the synergy of the cast, which includes Lee El, Lee Min Ki, and Kim Ji Won.

Aside from the cast lineup, the JTBC series also features an undeniable romance between Mr. Gu and Yeom's youngest sibling, Mi Jung, played by the Lovestruck in the City star.

Although his character is quite mysterious, Son Seok Koo's relationship status is quite exciting.

Curious to know more about the 39-year-old star? Here's a rundown of his rumored girlfriends, including Bae Doona and Lee Seol.

Son Seok Koo and Bae Doona

Both actors joined the cast of science fiction Sense8, directed by Wachowski sisters Lana and Lilly.

In the Netflix series, the award-winning actress played the skilled kick-boxer Sun Bak, while Son Seok Koo took the role of detective Mun.

In 2018, rumor sparked that Son Seok Koo was dating Bae Doona. At the time, Korean media outlet Iligan Sport broke the news claiming that they developed feelings for each other throughout the production.

Bae Doona, being the sought-after star, was his mentor at the time and gave him acting tips.

In addition, the outlet also noted that the actor would visit his female co-star in his neighborhood in the Dongbinggo-dong district.

At the height of the issue, the duo's agency, SBD Entertainment, denied the rumors.

As obtained by South China Morning Post, Son Seok Koo and Bae Doona's label pointed out that the dating rumors are groundless, saying that the duo "just appeared in the same work and that's it."

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Did Son Seok Koo Date Lee Seol?

The D.P star was once again hit by dating rumors in 2021, linking him to Lee Seol.

In an exclusive report cited by Osen, the outlet claimed that their friendship developed into a romantic relationship and is widely known among industry personalities.

Adding fuel to the fire, Son Seok Koo and Lee Seol reportedly confirmed their romance to close friends.

However, the actor's agency immediately addressed the rumors to set the record straight.

As noted by the same outlet, his management denied the rumors and said that "they are close acquaintances."

The same goes for Lee Seol's agency, who shared the same stance and explained, "they just have a close senior-junior relationship. It is not true that they are dating."

To recall, the actress made a special appearance in Son Seok Koo's drama D.P. where she played one of the deserter's sisters and appeared in episodes 1 and 6.

Son Seok Koo's Once Described his Ideal Girl

Although Son Seok Koo keeps his private life away from the spotlight, he once spoke about his ideal girl.

According to Soompi, the actor appeared as a guest in SBS' reality show My Little Old Boy, where he gets candid about his personal life.

He mentioned his life alone living in Canada to study and talked about how it changed his dating preference.

He recalled a time when he had Valentine's date with his then-girlfriend and mentioned how he used to arrange all the romantic activities with her.

However, he confessed and said, "that's when I realized, 'Dating isn't easy,'" adding that he is not "very good at dating."

But when asked about his ideal type, Son Seok Koo said he wanted someone who is "fun and humorous," which are the qualities important to him.


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