Bette Midler Shares Thoughts About Possible Hocus Pocus 3

Credit: Walt Disney Studios/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Walt Disney Studios/YouTube Screenshot

Five months after Hocus Pocus 2 dropped, many wonder if the Sanderson sisters will return for Hocus Pocus 3. Bette Midler shares her two cents about it, giving the awaiting fans hope.

As soon as the sequel movie came out, there were talks about Hocus Pocus 3, though nothing was confirmed yet. So, Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy reunite again for a third movie?

Bette Midler Talks About Hocus Pocus 3

"I'm not sure," the 77-year-old told E! News about the making of the third movie at the 25th CDGA Costume Designers Guild Awards on Monday, February 27.

"Everything is weird. I don't know, maybe," she continued. "Who knows?"

Though the veteran actress wasn't sure if a third film would be made, she revealed her interest in reuniting with her on-screen siblings, Najimy and Parker.

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"I'd love to have a franchise—especially a character I love playing," she told Entertainment Weekly in September.

"If there was a third one, of course, I'd sign on, but I don't know how. I can't imagine what the story would be, but I love Winifred, Sarah, Mary and our relationship," she added. "It's good for women. We stick together through hell and high water, but we do cause mayhem, and not many women cause that much mayhem!"

Sarah Jessica Parker Discusses Hocus Pocus 3

Aside from Midler, Parker also discussed the possible making of Hocus Pocus 3. She agreed to Najimy's idea to make the third film animated.

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"Of course, I'd be happy to have a conversation," the And Just Like That… star stated. "It just depends on what Kathy and Bette want!"

Vinessa Shaw, Omri Katz, Jason Marsden Willing to Sign for Hocus Pocus 3

Though Vinessa Shaw, Omri Katz, and Jason Marsden, who fronted the original Hocus Pocus in 1993, didn't appear in the second movie, they're all willing to sign for Hocus Pocus 3 if Disney decides to bring the Sanderson sisters back to life again.

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Katz said he would be 100 percent down to do it, while Marsden, who voiced Binx the cant, would "absolutely" join the cast.

"It's such a fun story, and obviously, having us reminisce about this makes it that much more fun, and the fondness keeps growing," Shaw added.

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