How Did Menma Die in Anohana?

How Did Menma Die in Anohana?

How Did Menma Die in Anohana?

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day is one of the most-watched anime that focuses on a group of childhood friends who drifted apart after a friend of theirs, named Menma, died. The main question of viewers now is: how did Menma die? Did fans simply miss the signs given in the movie? Or was it not mentioned at all?

The anime movie was set up five years after the incident, when Jinta, the leader of the group, saw an older version of Menma. She told him that she cannot move to the afterlife until her wish is granted. Unfortunately, Menma does not know her wish so Jinta will help her discover it and hopefully, guide her to the afterlife.

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How Did Menma Die in Anohana?

How Did Menma Die in Anohana Anime?
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The way she died was not directly explained at first. Instead, fans got hints that led them to assume how this loveable character died. The most common speculation by fans, which actually makes sense by the hints given, is that she drowned or fell in the river.

In the heartbreaking anime, a slipper was seen next to the river bank. This immediately implies that the incident involves water and considering that Menma was a young child back then, the possibility of her drowning is high. In addition, Poppo subtly said that he saw her drifting away that day, which correlates to the fact that she might have drowned and lost consciousness which led to her being taken away by the rushing water.

While searching for Menma, Jintan and Anaru both slipped but it was a good thing that they did not drown too. This makes the possibility of her falling or tripping high as two characters experienced it while they were searching for Menma. Some fans believe that she hit her head which is why she was not able to call for help.

In the last episode of the anime, it was revealed that Menma did fall into the river, and no one was able to save her. Each character believes that he or she was part of the reason she died which is why they never got over the incident and eventually drifted apart.

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