Fruits Basket: How Does Tohru Break the Zodiac Curse?

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Fruits Basket fans might be aware that the premise of the romantic comedy series is that an orphan girl named Tohru Honda finds out that the Sohma family has a curse in which they are possessed by the thirteen animals of the Chinese zodiac.

Even worse, they turn into animal forms when they are embraced by someone from the opposite sex who is not part of their family/someone who isn't cursed, when they are weak, or when they are tired. Tohru promised to keep their secret, and she was allowed to keep living with them. Eventually, she decided to find a way to break the curse. Was she successful, and how did Tohru do it?


Fruits Basket: How Does Tohru Break the Zodiac Curse?

 Fruits Basket: How Does Tohru Break the Zodiac Curse? 1

Let us first delve deeper into the Sohma curse. The curse originated from a man who was alone. One day, a friendly cat visited him and told him that he wanted to stay by his side. This made the man very happy, and after that, the man made more connections. In time, the man had fun banquets with other animals, and he wanted to continue doing this for a long time.

He then made a spell that every single one of them in the banquet will continue to be friends, even if they get reborn many times. Since then, the members of the Sohma family were reincarnated as the thirteen animals or the God. In the manga, Akito is the God.


The intention of the spell was just to keep the animals together, but the God was too powerful that a rejection from God can wound the Zodiacs, physically and emotionally. With this, the member who turned out to be God used the advantage to abuse the other members of the family.

Kureno's curse was the one that broke first. It happened 10 years before the start of the story. With this, the members of the Sohma family know that the curse is starting to weaken. They believe that just like Kureno, their curse will be gone over time, but for some reason, something triggered that made the curse break faster than they expected.

Tohru formed a strong bond with the Zodiac members. She was also the one who loved the unloved, which was accepting Kyo. Another trigger that broke the curse was when a Zodiac member stood up against God or wanted to be independent of God.

Akito made a bond with Tohru. Tohru persuaded her with empathy and even offered her friendship. Akito then wanted to destroy the Cat's Room and give the rest of the Zodiac members their freedom. She also said that she doesn't want to be a special God, but just a normal young woman. With this, the bonds weakened and broke.


To summarize, Tohru broke the curse simply by being herself. Tohru created bonds with the Zodiacs with an open heart and made these bonds stronger with her care and love for her friends.

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