Ben Barnes on The Darkling's Future in Shadow and Bone Season 2

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There is little doubt that The Darkling is one of the most important characters in Shadow and Bone and the show concluded with a tease at what could happen in the next season. Not surprisingly, Ben Barnes already has some ideas on what should happen to General Aleksandr Kirigan in Season 2.

In the eighth episode of Shadow and Bone, Alina Starkov managed to dislodge the token embedded in Kirigan's hand that allowed him to control her powers. With his influence over Alina gone, The Darkling was attacked by the Volcra and was seemingly left for dead in the Fold. However, he later emerges and commands new creatures to follow him out into the daylight.

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So what can we expect from The Darkling in Shadow and Bone Season 2? Barnes told TVLine that fans shouldn't rely on the books.

"I have lots of ideas about what could happen, and I feel like there's lots of room for spreading your wings from the books and really having all the characters intersect in ways that they don't necessarily in the books," he said.

Barnes continued by stating that The Darkling's story is important moving forward with the series "because he's a bit more representative and symbolic as we go forward in the trilogy. So it'd be interesting to see what the opportunities are to humanize him going forward."

We're certainly looking forward to seeing more of what happens to The Darkling in the future, especially now that he has created new monsters and appears to be getting more powerful. Needless to say, it's something to look forward to in Shadow and Bone Season 2.

Shadow and Bone is currently available on Netflix.

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