Ben Affleck Shock: Jennifer Garner’s Ex Has Over-The-Top Relationship Rules With J.Lo? Couple Talks About Their Feelings Weekly

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Credit: The Ellen Show/YouTube Screenshot

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are one of Hollywood’s biggest breakout couples this year, not because their relationship is new but because no one thought they’d get back together.

Since they started dating in the spring, Affleck and Lopez have been inseparable. In fact, the only time they weren’t photographed in public was when they were both busy filming for their upcoming movies.


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Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Have Some Agreements That Make Their Relationship Work

OK! magazine, in its Jan. 3 issue, claimed that Ben Affleck and Lopez have strange relationship rules that work wonders for their union. For other people, the rules may seem over-the-top, but the A-listers couldn’t be happier to be on the same page.

“Right from the start, they agreed to be super open with each other, so they actually pencil in weekly sit-down sessions to talk about their feelings,” the unnamed source said.

Affleck and Lopez allegedly agreed to always go on a video call at night when they can’t see each other in person due to their work schedules.

“Their friends think it’s all a bit over the top, but Ben and Jen are so grateful to be getting this second chance. They’re not taking anything for granted,” the unnamed source.


Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Very Flirty Towards Each Other

Since the couple has only been dating for a few months, everything still feels new and fresh for Affleck and Lopez.

“They’re still at the stage where they can hardly keep their hands off each other, but it’s not just chemistry. Ben and J.Lo are both going the extra mile to keep their connection red-hot. She’s constantly buying new lingerie, which Ben loves. And if she’s away from him even for a few hours, she’ll take a sexy selfie and send it to him,” the unnamed source said.

Ben Affleck’s Life Improved Since He Dated Jennifer Lopez

Affleck, on the other hand, is committed to turning his life around for his and Lopez’s sake. The Batman v Superman actor allegedly works out regularly and eats healthily.


“Ben has been working out at the crack of dawn and has totally cleaned up his diet to match hers. Ben’s happy to do it, but it wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for Jen,” the unnamed source concluded.

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Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez Wedding Plans Revealed

This week, Affleck and Lopez also made headlines amid reports that they are already talking about their wedding.

A source told Us Weekly that the A-listers want to have an elaborate wedding.

“Both Ben and Jen want their wedding to be an elaborate statement of their love story for their friends and family. They really want [everyone] to have a good time. They want it to be intimate, but immaculate,” the source said.


In September, another source claimed that it’s only a matter of time before the couple gets engaged.

“Things just keep getting better for J. Lo and Ben. They’re so in love and it’s only a matter of time before they’re officially engaged. They are both all in and looking to spend the rest of their lives together. It doesn’t even cross their minds that it might not work out for the long term,” the source said.

However, unless Lopez and Affleck are the ones that unveil their wedding plans, everything that sources say about them and their relationship should be taken with a grain of salt.

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