Jennifer Lopez Shock: Ben Affleck’s Girlfriend Agreed To Take Him Back If He Promises To Stay Sober? A-Listers Are Non-Drinkers

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back together and in love.

The happy couple has been making public appearances that show just how smitten they are with each other. Last week, Affleck was embroiled in a controversy after he said that he felt trapped during his marriage to Jennifer Garner. Lopez showed her support for the actor by accompanying him at the premiere of Tender Bar.


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Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck No Longer Drink Alcohol

Globe, in its Dec. 27 issue, claimed that Jennifer Lopez and Affleck wouldn’t have gotten back together if they are not on the same page when it comes to drinking. Since Affleck struggled with his addiction for years, Lopez agreed to take him back if he will stop drinking for good.


An unnamed source also claimed that Lopez promised to stay loyal to Affleck and to always support him no matter what for as long as he’s sober.

“Jennifer is anti-drugs and against drinking. She’s not up for dealing with someone struggling with sobriety. She made it clear to Ben when they got back together that if they were going to pick up where they left off almost 20 years ago, he had to make sure his drinking days were behind him,” an unnamed source said.

Ben Affleck Thrilled To Have Reconciled With Jennifer Lopez

The unnamed source claimed that Affleck couldn’t be more thrilled to rekindle his relationship with Lopez and the fact that this gave him more motivation to stay sober is an added perk.

Affleck is also delighted to be dating someone who doesn’t drink and who doesn’t take drugs because he’s been with other women who can’t stop drinking. And this allegedly made it more difficult for the Batman v Superman actor to stay sober.

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Committed To Making Their Relationship Work


Now that Lopez and Affleck are much older compared to when they first dated, their priorities have also changed.

“They are both non-drinkers and devoted parents who are working hard on their careers. Reuniting with Jen has let him see you can live a happy, wonderful life without drinking. Now, he’s determined to build a new life with Jen and her twins and her three children with Jennifer Garner, and he knows that sobriety has to be a huge part of a successful relationship,” the unnamed source concluded.

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Ben Affleck Opens Up About His Alcohol Addiction

Affleck’s struggles with sobriety have been ongoing for years. In 1997, the actor decided to quit his bad habits.

“I just wanted to stop. I started regretting some things I did when I was drunk. t’s funny to be obnoxious or out of control, but then it’s like, ‘I think I hurt that person’s feelings, ‘I made a fool of myself or ‘I didn’t want to kiss that girl.’ I have almost no inhibitions, so it’s dangerous for me,” he told Fox News.


In 2001, Affleck went to rehab to seek treatment for his alcoholism. And in the next couple of years, he had been in and out of the facility.

Three years ago, Affleck’s ex-wife, Garner staged an intervention to get the actor help, and he agreed. Since then, Affleck has only relapsed once.

Lopez also supports Affleck’s sobriety. However, it’s not true that the mom of twins doesn’t drink at all.

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