Ben Affleck Not Happy With His 3-Month Marriage to Jennifer Lopez? Jennifer Garner’s Ex-husband Allegedly Required to Change His Style, Ditch Smoking by His Wife

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Ben Affleck is allegedly unhappy with how his three-month marriage to Jennifer Lopez has turned out. During a recent outing with his son, Samuel, Affleck reportedly looked as though he was deep in thought and had a hard time smiling.

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Ben Affleck Is Struggling In His Marriage To Jennifer Lopez?

According to Radar Online, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been dealing with several issues in the past couple of months. The actor allegedly regrets his decision to sell his bachelor’s pad in the Pacific Palisades just so he and Lopez could find their own house.


Radar's source added that Lopez also doesn't approve of the things that Affleck loves to do. For instance, the dad of three gets his thrill from riding dangerous motorbikes, and Lopez wants him to stop doing so for his own safety.

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Jennifer Lopez Dislikes Some Of Ben Affleck's Habits And Hobbies


Affleck's lack of fashion sense, as well as his smoking, has also impacted his marriage to Lopez negatively. After all, The Hustlers star doesn't want her husband to smoke.

"She absolutely hates Ben's cigarettes. He promised to give it up, but with all her nagging he's smoking more than ever… [He] didn't realize what he was getting into. He's a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy and now Jennifer is trying to tell him what he can and can't wear," a source told Radar.

Lopez also allegedly hates the fact that Affleck doesn't clean up after himself. And these are just some of the things that the couple constantly fights about.

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Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Are Still In Their Honeymoon Phase

However, the recent claims were in stark contrast to what another source told Us Weekly recently. The insider claimed that Affleck and Lopez are in such a good place in their marriage three months after they tied the knot.


"Ben and Jen are still in their honeymoon phase. They are very head over heels for each other. Becoming husband and wife hasn't changed their relationship much, except for the fact that it solidified what they had. They're looking at homes to purchase together and hoping to find one they're both happy with. It's been an ongoing process," the source said.

According to reports, Affleck is also taking care of his and Lopez's children while the actress is filming a new project.

"She adores the fact that he is such a great father and she can always rely on him. He's been very supportive of her and has visited her on set, which she loves," the source said (via Daily Mail).

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