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Behind Every Star Kdrama Episode 11 Recap: Lee Soon Jae Shows Signs of Memory Issues

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Lee Soon Jae receives the heartfelt support of Method Entertainment team in Behind Every Star Episode 11.

As Method Entertainment continues to work closely with its actors, it faces new struggles as Lee Soon Jae seemingly begins to lose his memory.

Continue reading to know more about what happened in Behind Every Star Kdrama Episode 11.

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Behind Every Star Kdrama Episode 11 Recap

Behind Every Star episode 11 starts with Ko Eun Gyul practising his script for a scene with actor Lee Soon Jae. The legendary actor impressed everyone by reciting his lines, as well. He gives Ko Eun Gyul a piece of advice to become a successful actor.

However, Lee Soon Jae shows signs of deteriorating health, leading him and Kim Jung Don to consult a specialist. The doctor confirms that he does not have Alzheimer’s disease. Rather, he reportedly suffers from aftereffects of the stroke he previously suffered from.

So Hyun Joo, meanwhile, starts having a hard time at work after Ma Tae Oh reveals that she is his daughter. Although the director decides to resign, Koo Hae Jun wants to keep him as the pillar of Method Entertainment.

She also gets promoted as the talent development team manager, leaving Choi Jin Hyeok in deep shock as he applied for the position. She tries to reconcile her relationship with Chun Jane, but her boss does not accept her apology.

Kim Jung Don starts to be overprotective of Kang Hee Sun, seemingly hinting at his developing romantic feelings toward her.

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While shooting his scenes, Lee Soon Jae shows signs of memory loss. He searches for Jang Myung Aeh, but she has been fired by Koo Hae Jun.

One of the investors’ representatives arrives on the set of the film to check on his condition. But Jang Myung Aeh arrives to save the day. After a long time, she finally returns to Method Entertainment.

Ma Tae Oh, on the other hand, breaks down when he visits his family’s home. Song Eun Ha sees him but refuses to approach him after filing for divorce.

Meanwhile, Chun Jane and Lee Sang Uk finally reconcile and decide to start their relationship again.

So Hyun Joo confronts Koo Hae Jun and tells him she cannot accept the position. The president, meanwhile, makes her choose between accepting the offer or quitting.

Lee Soon Jae’s memory issues get more serious that he delivers a different line. Ko Eun Gyeol saves him by saying that the actor says his line instead.

With everyone’s help, Lee Soon Jae manages to finish the film.

So Hyun Joo decides to quit everything and go back to her mother.

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