How Many Episodes Will Beast Tamer Have?

How Many Episodes Will Beast Tamer Have Tania

How Many Episodes Will Beast Tamer Have Tania

The Fall 2022 anime lineup includes a harem anime in the form of Beast Tamer. The main protagonist, Rein, is a Beast Tamer who gets kicked out of the Hero Party. He then restarts his life and begins a new adventure, meeting powerful beings along the way. But how many episodes will Beast Tamer have?

Beast Tamer – Rein Goes From Zero to Hero

Beast Tamer, also known as The Beast Tamer Who Got Kicked Out From His Party Meets a Cat Girl From the Superior Race, is based on the manga titled Yuusha Party wo Tsuihou sareta Beast Tamer, Saikyoushu no Nekomimi Shoujo to Deau.

The story revolves around a Beast Tamer named Rein who battles alongside the hero, Arios, and his party.

The Hero’s Party strives to defeat the Demon King and goes on several quests to do so.

Sadly, one day, Rein's teammates announce that he is nothing but a useless burden on the party. Arios and the rest of the members throw Rein out of the Hero’s Party.

Rein is dejected but he pulls himself up to lead a new life as an adventurer. But to become an adventurer, the guild wants him to pass a test first.

He is asked to go on a quest, and during the test, he encounters a strange girl named Kanade.

Beast Tamer Plot Kanade
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Rein sees her getting attacked by a monster and decides to intervene and save her. The girl is impressed that Rein risked his life for her.

Eventually, Rein was able to defeat the monster with just one hit.

He finds out that Kanade is no ordinary girl as she belongs to the Tribe of Cat People, which is one of the strongest species.

Kanade is mighty impressed with Rein’s talent as a Beast Tamer. She then goes on to ask if he wants to tame her.

Rein agrees and forms a contract with her. In return, he gets some of her abilities.

Later, Rein comes face-to-face with Arios and his party again, but this time, they know that Rein has gotten stronger.

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How Many Episodes Will Beast Tamer Have?

Beast Tamer episode count Tania
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The anime's official website has confirmed that Beast Tamer will have 13 episodes in total.

Beast Tamer is also confirmed to have a Blu-ray and DVD release with four volumes.

The first volume will have Episodes 1 to 3, the second volume will showcase Episodes 4 to 6, the third volume will contain Episodes 7 to 9, and the fourth volume will have Episodes 10 to 13.

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