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Do Rein and Kanade End up Together in Beast Tamer?

Do Rein and Kanade End Up Together in Beast Tamer Kanade
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In Beast Tamer, Rein Shroud is like any adventurer that's part of a hero party completing quests. When the hero Arios abandons him, Rein has to start over from scratch. Luckily, he met Kanade in a fateful encounter that changed his life forever. So, do Rein and Kanade end up together in Beast Tamer?

As of writing, Beast Tamer is progressing into a harem anime. This only means that Rein Shroud's love life is becoming increasingly complicated, for the cat girl Kanade and the Dragonoid Tania are fighting for his affection!

Will Kanade triumph over the other girls and find love with Rein?

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Does Rein Like Kanade in Beast Tamer?

Yes, Rein likes Kanade in Beast Tamer. However, he has yet to realize that his feelings for her outweigh those of friendship or master and familiarity.

Rein first met Kanade while gathering herbs for his adventurer's exam. He heard Kanade's screams from a nearby forest, where he discovered her in danger from the Tiger Killer, a D-rank monster.

All at once, Rein threw himself in danger to protect Kanade, even though he knew that he is just a beast tamer.

Beast tamers in their world are not necessarily warriors like the heroes who can charge into battle and fight head-on.

In fact, beast tamers can only control animals, monsters, and other creatures for a limited time.

Even though he only gets to buy time for Kanade to regroup and kill the Tiger Killer, Rein manages to protect her.

Does Rein Like Kanade in Beast Tamer Rein and Kanade
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Credit: EMT Squared

As a result, Rein and Kanade agreed to a contract in which the two of them became a master and familiar.

Rein now works alongside Kanade to complete mundane tasks as an F-ranking adventurer and occasionally fights monsters that terrorize the villagers.

He can say whatever he wants to Kanade because he is so at ease with her. Even sleeping in the same room doesn't bother him anymore because Kanade trusts that he will not do anything bad.

Rein's life as a beast tamer has changed since the day he met Kanade. She was the first to accept him, despite the fact that he was just a frail beast tamer, abandoned and betrayed by his fellow adventurers.

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Does Kanade Like Rein in Beast Tamer?

Does Kanade Like Rein in Beast Tamer Rein and Kanade
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Yes, Kanade likes Rein in Beast Tamer.

She is so into him that she always gets jealous whenever Tania gets her way with Rein. However, to this day, Kanade is yet to confess her feelings for Rein, considering the short amount of time they have been together.

Unlike other people that she met along the way, Rein is a very different person that no one in Kanade’s eyes can be compared with.

Back then, Kanade only met and talked with people who had suspicious intentions toward her, which is why Rein is such a breath of fresh air for her.

Understandably, Kanade belongs to one of the world's most powerful and rare species.

She is a member of the Cat Tribe, who lived deep in the mountains to avoid bad people. While Kanade can’t use magic, her physical prowess is very strong.

After entering into a contract with Rein, Kanade gets a chance to get to know him better.

Kanade fell head over heels for Rein in a flash, not because he's an exceptional beast tamer, but because of his kind and sweet personality.

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Do Rein and Kanade End up Together in Beast Tamer?

Do Rein and Kanade End Up Together in Beast Tamer Rein and Kanade
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As of writing, Rein and Kanade have yet to end up together in Beast Tamer.

Now that the plot is building a harem for Rein, it will be hard for Kanade to hold him in one place.

Nonetheless, Rein and Kanade have a strong bond. They both relied on each other's strengths to grow stronger and become better people every day.

Since Rein can use Kanade’s strength proportionally, he always ensures that she is safe in times of trouble.

Unlike other master-and-familiar relationships, Rein puts Kanade's safety first. This is one of the reasons Kanade is not worried about his abuse of power.

Furthermore, Kanade and Rein are very comfortable with each other. From fighting to questing, they complement each other extremely well.

Unfortunately, Kanade's romance with her master has become more complicated since Tania entered into a contract with Rein.

It is now up to Kanade to fight for her love and become Rein's future life partner.

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