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Beast Tamer Episode 10 Release Date and Time, COUNTDOWN

Beast Tamer Episode 10 Release Date and Time COUNTDOWN Rein

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A mysterious man wants to take Runa and Sora away from Rein and his party. What will Rein do now? Find out in Beast Tamer Episode 10 with all the details you need to know right here!

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Here's What Happened Before Beast Tamer Episode 10

Beast Tamer Episode 9 Recap Rein
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The thieves inside the Mythril Mines found out about their friend’s defeat from the team’s Beast Tamer.

Meanwhile, Rein and his party were walking through a tunnelway when they were attacked by four adventurers.

But Runa, Tania, Kanade, and Sora were quick enough to fight them off.

Rein was then up against the Beast Tamer and his monster named Behemoth.

Beast Tamer Episode 9 Recap Behemoth and other Beast Tamer
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The monster was difficult to tame but the Beast Tamer claimed that he raised it when it was a baby, so he could bypass the taming process.

Rein and Behemoth’s battle was making the mine shake and Kanade and company had to take the thieves outside.

Kanade returned to the cave in order to help Rein by getting hold of the Beast Tamer.

Beast Tamer Episode 9 Recap Kanade
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Despite restraining the Beast Tamer, he was able to continue instructing Behemoth to destroy everything.

Rein had no choice but to overwrite the monster’s contract and finished the battle by casting a Fireball.

Elsewhere, it was revealed that the thieves were seeking revenge against Gantz because he sold them poor-quality weapons.

Gantz was told about this and he felt bad for selling bad products to his customers.

Beast Tamer Episode 9 Recap Gantz
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He admitted that his attitude makes him unfit to craft weapons for others.

Rein agreed but told Gantz to mend his ways and give his all to making better quality weapons for all his customers, irrespective of their needs or level as fighters.

Gantz asked Rein what kind of weapon he was looking for and Rein instructed him to craft a dagger and a gauntlet.

Beast Tamer Episode 9 Recap Arios
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Meanwhile, Arios and Mina are shown rejecting a candidate for the Beast Tamer job. They cited his lack of skills for taming an Ultimate Species.

Arios was frustrated while Mina noted that Arios rejected another suitable candidate because he wasn’t as good as Rein.

Mina was concerned that they were getting behind and asked Arios if he would like to be a little lenient while interviewing and testing the potential Beast Tamers.

Arios rejected Mina’s suggestion and the latter recalled her vow to follow the hero no matter what happens.

Beast Tamer Episode 9 Recap Mina
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Arios pulled out a cursed ring and planned to use it against Rein.

The next day, at the Adventurer’s Guild, Rein found out about the fate of the thieves, and he was not pleased.

After getting out of the guild, Rein informed Runa and Sora about the thieves, and both girls also felt bad for Rein.

Rein decided they should all take a walk before heading home. Along the way, Rein bought hot dogs for all of them, which they relished.

Beast Tamer Episode 9 Recap Runa and Sora
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Runa and Sora asked Rein if he had acquired any special abilities after forming a contract with them.

Rein was unsure if he did, and Runa and Sora were a bit disheartened.

They believed he would have gotten Ultimate Magic, which was far superior to Epic or Advanced Magic.

Rein tried to cheer them up by telling them that he didn’t care about gaining new magic. All he cared about was that he got them by his side.

Runa and Sora were taken aback by his compliment because of their past trauma. They then asked him why he treats them with respect.

Beast Tamer Episode 9 Recap Runa and Sora
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Rein said that distrust is a major reason he got thrown out of his last party.

He wanted to correct that mistake and build a team that upholds trust and mutual respect.

The duo was happy with Rein’s answer and they all decided to get more hot dogs, but they were stopped by an unknown man who asked who Runa and Sora were.

After the fairies told him their names, the man declared that he wants them.

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Here's a Look at What Will Happen in Beast Tamer Episode 10

Beast Tamer Episode 10 Synopsis
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The lord’s son, Edgar, takes civilians hostage. He demands Runa and Sora’s custody from Rein in exchange for the civilians.

What will Rein do in this situation?

Meanwhile, the uproar leads to an incident involving the knights.

Here's the Release Date of Beast Tamer Episode 10

Beast Tamer Episode 10 Release Date Runa and Sora
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Beast Tamer Episode 10, entitled Darkness in Horizon, is scheduled to air on December 3, 2022, in all regions, including the US, the UK, Europe, and Japan.

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Here's the Release Time of Beast Tamer Episode 10

Beast Tamer Episode 10 Release Time Rein and Kanade
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In Japan, Episode 10 of Beast Tamer is scheduled to release on December 3, 2022, at 10:00 PM JST.

Based on this information, the following release times will apply to other international regions:

  • Pacific Time: 6:00 AM (December 3, 2022)
  • Central Time: 8:00 AM (December 3, 2022)
  • Eastern Time: 9:00 AM (December 3, 2022)
  • British Time: 2:00 PM (December 3, 2022)

Please note that Crunchyroll and other platforms’ streaming time may vary from the broadcast time in Japan.

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Beast Tamer Episode 10 COUNTDOWN

Beast Tamer Episode 10 COUNTDOWN

Here's Where You Can Watch Beast Tamer Episode 10

Where to Watch Beast Tamer Episode 10 Runa Sora Tania and Kanade
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Beast Tamer Episode 10 will be available to stream on Crunchyroll in original Japanese audio with English subtitles.

Muse Asia and Animax Asia will also stream the upcoming episode in various Asian countries.

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