Batman v Superman’s Doomsday Could’ve Looked a Lot Better

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If there was one thing that wasn't remedied by Batman v Superman's Ultimate Edition, it would have to be Doomsday's look.

Granted, this may be a matter of taste. But for those who may have shared the opinion that the monster looked like a cross between a mud monster and a troll, then it may be a regret to know that Doomsday could've looked more like a badass than a blob.

Designer Jerard Marantz has recently shared his early artwork concepts for Doomsday for the BvS movie. And to be honest, they're a lot better than what we were shown on screen. Particularly, his earliest work, it seems, gives him a sharper and more menacing look, seen below.

"Here's a very early Doomsday concept I did for Batman v Superman a couple of years back. I did several options for the character. It really was an honor working on such an amazing project with such an incredible team."

In this version, Doomsday looks the most menacing, the red eyes, sharp teeth, and jagged horns all over his body all scream nightmare. One other concept design, seen here, has a more toned down version, but still scary to say the least. He reminds me very much of the Doomsday in Injustice: Gods Among Us, though it does look a little more somber.

One other interesting concept shows a towering Doomsday. He has fewer horns and different facial structure, but the biggest change would be that he looks insanely bigger than Wonder Woman, who's supposed to be fighting him in the image.

The Doomsday in the final cut was far from the early concepts, though it's almost painful to acknowledge that that's the case after seeing the brilliant concept artworks for the character. Here's hoping that some theories still abound, and that what we had in BvS is actually not yet Doomsday. Either that or just give us a good villain for future DC films.

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