Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Shows Thor in Trouble

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Fans can finally get a first look at Thor: Ragnarok. And in less than two minutes, we see just what kind of world director Taika Waititi has set us up for—and it's promising to be an amazing one.

Without giving too much away—I daresay we can walk away after watching the trailer not knowing too much of the motives for the conflict—Waititi manages to show us why Thor ends up being in the arena with the Incredible Hulk.

We see just where his troubles may have begun, and that's with the shattering of the Mjolnir in the hands of the badass Cate Blanchett a.k.a. Hela. She utters "Asgard is dead" before we see it engulfed in flames. And Thor ends up in the planet of Sakaar. His locks are shaved, Loki somehow makes an appearance, and Thor dons his signature helmet.

In the arena, Thor is overjoyed to see Hulk join him in the arena, only to find out that the Green Goliath is still ready to take him on despite being "a friend from work."

Maybe it's the insaneness of the costumes—check out Loki's full-on golden horns and that Hela headdress—the music in the background, and the insanity of the characters. It's like a hippy trip of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 mixed with Doctor Strange minus the psychedelics.

There's something about Thor's character that makes it easy to rope him into being a neat comedic hero. Maybe it's the olden manner he speaks, or the fact that he seems oblivious to the actual truths of life. Or maybe it's in Chris Hemsworth's adorkable portrayal—just look at his overjoyed face. Whatever the case may be, kudos to Waititi for a very hyped up first teaser. That "Coming Soon" tag is almost an annoying ender, considering that we still have half a year's worth of wait.

Thor: Ragnarok will be out in theaters on Nov. 3.

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