SF9 Rowoon To Play Lead Role On MBC Drama Tomorrow

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SF9 Rowoon proves that he has more skills aside from singing and dancing.

From being one of the rising trainees of FNC Entertainment, Rowoon – whose real name is Kim Seok-Woo – already established his empire in different industries.

He initially started to take little steps into the K-pop industry by famously joining FNC NEO School/NEOZ before debuting on SF9. Not long after he debuted, Rowoon became the face of several series both as a supporting and lead actor.


After his fruitful 2021, the K-pop idol prepares to embark on a new journey as a new drama hailed him as its lead star.

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SF9 Rowoon's Role On Korean Drama Tomorrow

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Credit: FNCENT

Multiple news outlets confirmed that SF9 Rowoon scored the lead role in the series. The Broadcast media MBC's fantasy drama Tomorrow takes place in the underworld and tells the story of the angels who guide the deceased and save people who attempt to claim their lives.


The K-pop idol will play the role of Choi Jun Woong. The character is a new contract employee under the Underworld's Crisis Management Team who is rich in all the qualifications needed for a job. When the company makes a mistake, he begins working on a conditional job that puts his life as a half-human, half-soul, in danger.

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The production team of the fantasy series has since sent Rowoon best wishes as he joins them in the new flick.

"I believe that SF9 Rowoon is the perfect fit for the role of Choi Jun Woon. He is a great actor who will be able to show the character's charms and personality through "Tomorrow." We ask a lot of interest and anticipation," the statement said.

As of the writing, Rowoon currently hypes fans with his drama, The King's Affection, with actress Park Eun Bin.

Rowoon's Tomorrow: Release Date And More Details About Series

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Credit: FNCENT

Before they release Tomorrow, the production team already confirmed several details about the drama.


Kim Hee Sun has been tapped to work with Rowoon in the fantasy drama based on the popular webtoon with the same name. She will play the role of Goo Ryun, a grim reaper who leads the "Danger Management Team."

An MBC spokesperson already hinted what fans should expect in the series, saying:

"'Tomorrow' will be a drama that conveys warmth and comfort, instead of admonishments, to those struggling to live in this difficult reality. Our drama will have a different charm from that of the original webtoon, and we hope that it will help many people open the door to a hopeful tomorrow."

SF9 Rowoon's Tomorrow will have 16 episodes in total and is expected to premiere in the first half of 2022.

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