Bae Hyun Sung Reacts to His Character's Current Situation in Our Blues Amid Bang Young Joo's Pregnancy

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Credit: YAMYAM ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

Bae Hyun Sung opened up about the current situation his Our Blues character, Jung Hyun, is facing in the recent episode.

Bae Hyun Sung scored his first role this year after making it to the cast members list in Our Blues. The K-drama is an ongoing TVN series set on Jeju Island. It explores the heartbreaking and bitter stories about the characters.

Its cast members include Kim Woo Bin, Shin Min Ah, Lee Byung Hun, Lee Jung Eun, Han Ji Min, Kim Hye Ja, and Uhm Jung Hwa, to name a few.

Bae Hyun Sung plays the role of a high school student, Jung Hyun. Meanwhile, his character’s girlfriend, Bang Young Joo, is being portrayed by Noh Yoon Seo.

In the recent episode of the K-drama, the couple faces a new problem after finding out they are pregnant.

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Bae Hyun Sung Comments on Bang Young Joo, Jung Hyun’s Pregnancy

In a recent interview, Bae Hyun Sung reflected on Our Blues episode 5. For what it’s worth, the young couple in the drama discovers they are pregnant.

In episodes 7 and 8, their single fathers feel disappointed by the shocking news as they think they lack something despite dedicating their lives in the past 20 years to raise them rightfully.

According to Bae Hyun Sung, he did not understand some aspects since he had never experienced them before. To help himself portray his role, he reportedly sought advice from his friends.

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“I listened to the stories of my friends who got married early and I tried to immerse into the situation while reading the script. While acting, I understood Hyun’s situation, as well as his father’s. Since my personality is similar to Hyun’s, I think I would’ve made a similar decision,” he said.

As for his character’s relationship with his father, Jung In Kwon (played by Park Ji Hwan), Bae Hyun Sung said he has established a closer relationship with his co-star off-cam.

The young actor showered him with compliments as Park Ji Hwan made the filming more comfortable and fun for him and all the co-stars.

Bae Hyun Sung’s Journey as an Actor

Bae Hyun Sung debuted as an actor in 2018. Before that, he initially received an offer through social media.

He eventually moved from Jeonju to Seoul in 2016 after convincing his family. His parents purportedly felt worried about his decision as they were also against it.

But after seeing him grow in the industry, they ultimately became his biggest fans. Now, he hypes his family and fans with his upcoming project.

“In my next project ‘Gaus Electronics’ [literal title], I appear as the son of the president of the main characters’ rival company. There’s a different sort of fun from the original [webtoon] character and I think I’ll be able to showcase a cunning image,” he said.

For now, Bae Hyun Sung’s main focus is Our Blues, as the K-drama’s last two episodes will air this weekend.


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