Bae Doona Shares How Next Sohee Character Lets Her Speak up About Social Issues

Credit: VOGUE FRANCE/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: VOGUE FRANCE/YouTube Screenshot

Bae Doona revealed how the film Next Sohee highlighted the current social issues around the world.

The Jung Ju Ri-directed movie, released in 2022, tells the story of a high school student named Sohee, who undergoes training in a call center, and a female detective named Yujin. It was reportedly inspired by a real-life suicide story of a girl who underwent a similar externship program.

Next Sohee made history by becoming the first Korean closing film at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

With the spotlight it got, Bae Doona explained how the film brought an important message to society.

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Bae Doona Says Next Soohe Is a Tribute to Institutional Abuse Victims

Speaking in a recent interview with The Korea Times, Bae Doona noted how there are still many "Sohees" in the world who suffered societal exploitation and barely cling to life following the incident.

She then thanked them for not giving up and holding on despite the hardships and struggles.

"When I was in my 20s, life seemed vague at times. I could have been happy, but I was not. I want people who are going through tough times to feel less pain," she continued. "I just hope for a better world for young people. The social issues that involve children or adolescent victims really outrage me because they are weak and vulnerable."

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Bae Doona shared how playing Yujin's character in the film was not easy for her. In the film, her character becomes angrier as the story of the young high school student unfolds.

Per the actress, the part in which Yujin meets the officials at the call center, school, and office of education and learns no one is willing to admit their fault makes the character extremely frustrated and mad.

The film's story led its team to score all the awards it got nominated for. Jung Ju Ri won the Cheval Noir Award for Best Director at the Fantasia International Film Festival.

Next Sohee, as a whole, won Fantasia International Film Festival's Best Asian Feature silver award (Audience Award category); Tokyo Filmex's Special Jury Award; 42nd France Amiens International Film Festival's Audience Award, UPJV Reference Award and Special Mention Award & UPJV Reference Award; and 6th Pingyao International Film Festival's Roberto Rossellini Best Film Award.

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Bae Doona Speaks Candidly About Working on International Project

After Next Soohe premiered globally, Bae Doona reflected on the international projects she worked on. She notably appeared on Broker, Air Doll, Jupiter Ascending and Cloud Atlas.

Despite the chances, the actress said she considers diversity before choosing a project.

"I think my Hollywood projects are blockbusters that are typically large-scale and entertaining. But when I pick Korean projects, I try to focus on subjects that are a bit different or stories that are worth sharing with audiences," she went on.

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