Avi Arad Wants Sam Raimi to Direct An Animated Spider-Man Movie

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When it comes to bringing Spider-Man to the big screen, we have Sam Raimi to thank for his original trilogy of Spidey films. He may have put the character behind him already, but producer Avi Arad is open to having Raimi take on an animated version of the wallcrawler.

Talking to Deadline, Arad leaves this message for Raimi: "I would love to see what kind of animated Spider-Man movie we'd get from Sam Raimi so if he sees this, ‘Call me Sam!'"

With movies like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse introducing us to a whole multiverse of Spider-People, I think a lot of fans would be on board to see what Raimi has to bring to another Spider-story. Sure Spider-Man 4 never got to happen, but what if Raimi could finish that story through the animated medium?


During the early stages of Spider-Verse, it was even said that they were considering that Tobey Maguire plays the role of older Peter Parker, but it was said that it would be too complicated when it came to the continuity. At least the movie was fun enough to have some very clear references to the Raimi films.

For now, Sony is working on multiple Spider-Verse spinoffs including a sequel and an all-woman team-up with Spider-Gwen. We don't know if Raimi would ever be open to working on an animated movie, but I'm sure a lot of people would want him onboard one way or another.

The next Spider-Man film is Far from Home which is set to come out July 5.

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