Avengers: Infinity War Would Have Been Thor's Movie If He Killed Thanos

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Although the heroes united to fight Thanos, the Mad Titan still towered over Avengers: Infinity War. Interestingly, the Marvel Cinematic Universe film would have belonged to Thor if he only managed to defeat the villain.

The first scene in InfinityWar focused on Thor and how he lost everything as Thanos took the Space Stone from Loki. The Odinson then sets off to find a weapon that could kill the Mad Titan to avenge his brother and the Asgardians. Co-director Joe Russo has revealed to Wired that Thor's painful journey almost made him the star of the film.

"I think he's been on a very complicated journey where he struggles with his ability to feel worthy and be worthy. I think he's looking for a moral compass in his life. What we love about him in Infinity War is that he has been torn down to his essential parts and he goes on on a hero's journey which a very underdog journey for someone of his stature because he has lost everything in his life."

Thor was certainly poised to win the battle. After all, he had his superhero entrance in Wakanda and immediately decimated hundreds of Outriders. Unfortunately, it was Thor's pride that gave Thanos his victory and complete dominance in Infinity War.

"In a lot of ways, [Thor] is the driving hero's arc of the movie which stands in direct opposition to Thanos' argument. I would argue that had Thor chopped his head off at the end of the movie, that the movie will belong to Thor. But because he didn't, it belongs to Thanos."

Aiming for the shoulder was indeed a bad move. Although it allowed Thor to declare his supposed victory over Thanos, it also gave the Mad Titan the chance to do the snap that annihilated half of the universe.

People could blame Thor for losing the battle for everyone in the film. However, it's best to remember that the Odinson's losses in Thor: Ragnarok and the early parts of Infinity War may have made him too emotional to think clearly as he wielded his new hammer. Hopefully, he'll be in better shape in Avengers 4.

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