The Russo Brothers Weren’t Interested In Captain America As A Symbol Of Patriotism In Infinity War

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Captain America (Chris Evans) might have always been the Marvel Cinematic Universe's symbol of patriotism, but Avengers: Infinity War directors weren't interested in that nationalistic image of Steve Rogers for the first installment in their two-part Avengers movie.

Speaking in an interview with Wired, Joe and Anthony Russo decided to describe the many characters that were featured in Infinity War. When the directorial duo got to Captain America, the Russo Brothers revealed their respect for the complexity of Steve Rogers in the MCU. Sure, the character might have started out as a symbol of patriotism in early Marvel Comics, but later issues reveal other relevant traits that make Captain America a great hero.


"Joe and I never really responded to the earlier comics where he is sort of a simplistic symbol of patriotism. What we love about the character is the humility of the character, the fact that he came from very basic roots and through sort of his will and his aspiration and the sort of fortune of being chosen for the Super Soldier program he was able to sort of make more of himself than he would have been able to otherwise. I think that's what people really admire about the character."

In Infinity War, fans get to see a hardened version of Captain America. In the film, Steve becomes a hero willing to do whatever it takes to protect humanity – even if that means going against the leaders of the United States. This rule-breaking Captain America wowed audiences, and now that Infinity War's over and done, everyone's worried what might happen to everyone's favorite boy scout in Avengers 4. There hasn't been any confirmation yet, but it seems like Evans is reaching the end of his contract – an indication that we might lose Captain America in Avengers 4.

What do you think? Is Cap going to die bringing back everyone else in Avengers 4?

Let's wait and see. Avengers 4 hits cinemas May 3, 2019.

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