20 Jan 2020 12:09 PM +00:00 UTC

Avengers Comic Calls Out Captain Marvel Movie Trolls

Captain Marvel was released last year and did fairly well in the box-office. Despite being a hit amongst fans and with the studio making history by making a movie with a female hero as the lead character, unfortunately, it is inevitable to have some movie trolls or haters in general. There were multiple controversies surrounding Brie Larson's portrayal of the film, and one of these just got featured in the Avengers comic.

Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness' Avengers #29 features the appearance of Carol Danvers. The most recent issue includes a callback to the controversy regarding some movie trolls pointing out that Larson should smile more after seeing the movie poster. This particular scene from the comic shows the hero against the Heralds of Galactus while she tries to gain her energy back up.


"Stand down Avenger, you are outside your depths here, and your heat tolerance," warns the villain, while the hero says, "Sure thing. Why don't you tell me to smile more while you're at it, Firelord?"

If you recall, Larson fired back at these movie trolls by sharing Photoshopped posters with Marvel's male superhero leads, making them look like they are smiling in these photos instead of the usually serious, heroic look. This is to point out the toxic double standards that are brought upon women.

The call back was definitely unexpected and for some fans, being able to fire back within the comic book series is certainly epic. Avengers #29 is now available for purchase so you can check out the rest of the story then.

What do you think of the subtle callback on the Captain Marvel movie trolls? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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