Brie Larson Responds To Captain Marvel Trailer Backlash

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The Marvel fanbase might be more than excited for Brie Larson's very first standalone movie as the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Carol Danvers, but not everyone was too happy with the Captain Marvel trailer last week.

Captain Marvel might be one of the most highly-anticipated films of 2019, but after Marvel dropped the trailer for its very first female-led superhero movie, some fans couldn't help but criticize Carol Danvers' deadpan expression and monotone voice in the promotional video.

Taking to social media, fans have been complaining how Larson doesn't even give a single smile in the trailer, saying that Carol Danvers has the same look on her face all throughout the video.

Taking to Instagram, Larson has responded to fans complaints, filling up her Instagram Story with pictures of different Marvel heroes edited with smiles on their faces.


Check it out down here:


It's a hilarious response really. A smile isn't fitting for superheroes in dire situations.

Still, while Larson does seem to prove her point that Captain Marvel shouldn't be expected to smile in dire situations the same way heroes like Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) aren't expected to, it isn't hard to see why fans are a bit worried about Carol Danvers' movie.

Larson seems to be rather expressionless in most of the shots of Captain Marvel, and some are afraid that the character will eventually become a Mary Sue and a dues ex machina that saves everyone in Avengers 4.

Captain Marvel is set for release on March 9, 2019.

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