03 Sep 2018 1:57 PM +00:00 UTC

Avatar Kyoshi is Getting Her Own Book Series

Avatar: The Legend of Korra may have ended back in 2014, but the Avatar brand continues to flourish in the form of comics. Just in, the franchise wants to start spreading out to YA novel territory, and the protagonist of the first book? Avatar Kyoshi.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Nickelodeon has teamed up with Abrams Children's Books to deliver a new set of YA novels centered on the Kyoshi called The Rise of Kyoshi. The books will be written by F.C. Yee, but will also see the involvement of series creator Michael Dante DiMartino.


"Avatar Kyoshi is one of the characters fans often ask me about, so I'm excited to have the opportunity to help expand on her legend," said DiMartino.

In general, Avatar fans know very little about Kyoshi other than that she was an Avatar who hailed from the Earth Kingdom and that she had founded the Kyoshi Warriors. In the incoming books, The Rise of Kyoshi, we actually discover that Kyoshi was one of the people who had formed the Dai Li, the secret organization of Earth benders who served as antagonist in The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.

Senior VP of Abrams Children's Books also had this to say about the upcoming series:

"Bringing Kyoshi's previously untold story to life in original novels will be a major pop culture event, not only for fans of the show, but also for readers hungry for a new epic YA saga. The Rise of Kyoshi has all the hallmarks of what YA readers love — bold storytelling set in a rich landscape with a strong heroine at the forefront!"

The Rise of Kyoshi comes out July 2019.

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