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Avatar 2 Star Reveals “Least Favorite Thing” About Diving Training As A Teen

Avatar: The Way of Water continued its theatrical run, and soon soared past Spider-Man: No Way Home at the box office, with Avatar 2 garnering $ 1.928 billion. Upon its theatrical extension, the Avatar sequel also gets its own 30-day cinema run in China theaters, which will definitely increase the chances of the film reaching $ 2 billion.

There is no doubt that James Cameron’s subsequent films’ future is looking pretty good right now. However, despite the success of the sequel, some actors have brought up the physically demanding underwater training for Avatar: The Way of Water. As Kate Winslet set the new underwater-breathing record after four weeks worth of “intense training”, Bailey Bass, who played Tsireya in Avatar 2, recalled the physical demands of the diving training.

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Recently speaking with Shape, Bailey Bass reflected on the challenges he had to overcome as part of the “tremendous growth” she experienced on set as an actor. The 19-year-old, who was cast when she was 13, said she had been “uncomfortable with her body” which then turned filming into a more difficult endeavor, seeing as the rest of the cast were “all teenage boys who don’t care if they, like, break their arm by doing a flip.” Check out her full comment below:

“[Freediving] started out being my least favorite thing to do in training,” Bass said, “And I ended up excelling more than most of the cast members, which I say kindly and proudly, because to be so nervous, to take forever to put a wetsuit on, to be so out of your body, to then, at the end of filming, have that be your favorite thing to do, shows tremendous growth.”

Avatar: The Way of Water is still showing in cinemas worldwide, with Avatar 3 currently slated for a theatrical release on December 20, 2024.

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