Avatar 2: James Cameron Gave Harsh Feedback on Sigourney Weaver’s Performance

Apart from Stephen Lang’s miraculous return as Colonel Quaritch in the form of a Na’vi body, Sigourney Weaver also returned despite her death as Dr. Grace in the first Avatar film. Weaver returned in Avatar: The Way of Water with the role of her 14-year-old daughter, Kiri, which the 73-year-old actress found absurd, seeing the huge age gap difference between the two roles in the same franchise. However, James Cameron came up with a harsh feedback on the actress finding it difficult to portray Kiri.

In a recent interview with D23 Magazine (via The Direct), Weaver weighs in on how insecure she had been, not knowing if she was doing Kiri right by the director’s standards or not. She had begun thinking about it so much that it led her to eventually receive the feedback from James Cameron. Check out Weaver’s full story below:

“I was in agony about Kiri most of the time. I had no idea what was actually coming across. I couldn’t keep track of it.” Weaver says, recalling how she had been wanting feedback from James Cameron on how to act better in her new role, “I didn’t want to be thinking about that, and Jim never said anything.”

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The actress then continues how Cameron gave her the blunt feedback she had been waiting for, but not in the most convenient way: “One day, I blurted out some whiny complaint about not getting any feedback, and Jim just turned and said in a serious voice, “You have to stop being insecure. It’s really inappropriate for who you are, how old you are, and what you’ve done in your career.” So, that shut me up. I heard him loud and clear.”

Given Kate Winslet’s history of having problems with the director on Titanic set, there is no doubt that James Cameron has no intention of playing coy, especially when it comes to giving feedback to the acclaimed Alien actress. Meanwhile, you can still catch Sigourney Weaver as Kiri in Avatar: The Way of Water still showing in cinemas worldwide.

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