29 Jul 2020 11:41 AM +00:00 UTC

Australia Names New Insects After Deadpool, Thor, and More

It's always cool when something geeky appears in an aspect of the world that doesn't call for those kinds of references, so you can imagine how fans felt when Australia decided to name a few new insects after some big Marvel names. We now have Australian insects named after Deadpool, Stan Lee, Thor, Loki, and Black Widow, the last of which is ironic since she's named after an already-existing animal.

The CSIRO has revealed some of the insects, which you can see below. Fans are going to love the Deadpool Fly, which literally looks like an insect with the character's colors and we wouldn't be too surprised if the character references this in a comic book soon. Stan Lee's fly also looks a bit like him thanks to that mustache and its big black eyes looking like his glasses.

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Credit: CSIRO

For now, here are the cool descriptions from the website and their discoveries. It's just really cool stuff and is genuinely one of the few highlights of 2020 thus far, unless you're into cool video games, of course.

  • Stan Lee's fly is Daptolestes leei and shares his characteristic sunglasses and white moustache
  • Thor's fly is Daptolestes bronteflavus, meaning blond thunder
  • Loki's fly is Daptolestes illusiolautus, meaning elegant deception
  • Black Widow's fly is Daptolestes feminategus, meaning woman wearing leather
  • Deadpool's fly is Humorolethalis sergius, from the Latin for wet or moist, and dead, and shares his mask markings.

One can't help but smile at these discoveries, knowing that the Marvel brand has this much influence over scientists who are trying to uncover more about this world. Some cynical people might argue that this means the Marvel global brand is growing and could take over the world but that's a different topic for another day.

Black Widow is still slated for a November release date and is the next MCU movie. God, we sure miss MCU movies.

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