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Attack On Titan's Eren Gets a Band Poster in a New Promo

The triumphant return of the last season of Attack on Titan just proved how big of a title it is to earn becoming a staple one on both anime and manga and everyone is excited to see how the story would be wrapping up. As the show continues to surprise many, Eren gets into a band and debuts on a poster in a new promo!

Twitter page Attack on Titan Wiki just shared a photo of Eren Jaeger in a band together with Hange, Levi, and Jean, in a collaboration between the anime series and a karaoke company named Karatez, and boy, do they look dope in the poster! Had they been on a different set-up in life, they might’ve been a great band.

In the anime series, Eren and his friends from the Scout Regiment are in a difficult position and they were at odds with one another now that the one behind the powerful Attack Titan crafted a plan to end the other Titans by making all the Eldians in the world sterile. Even when they are not on good terms in the series, they are looking good in the poster collaboration with the karaoke company.

It would be cool, too, if the band of Eren could cover the amazing OP of the show, “The Rumbling,” which now has more than ten million views on YouTube.

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Attack on Titan’s final season returns this January 2022 after the first part was released in December 2020. It ended with a cliffhanger which perfectly sets in stone what comes next when the show returns. Recently, fans are loving the second part of the last season of the series, and many are really excited for what is in store given that everything is new, including the opening theme and sequence.

After nine years, the story is finally in its conclusion. Are you ready for it?

Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2 will be streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu.

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