Attack on Titan Stage Play Casts Levi, Erwin Smith & More

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Naruto isn't the only shonen manga/anime currently enjoying a run at stage plays. The hit work of Hajime Isayama has been confirmed for a Live Impact Attack on Titan.

Now, this adaptation her just revealed 10 more cast members to comprise the roles of the known soldiers and fighters for humanity (via Anime News Network). All of these are additional cast members, as the mainstays have already been announced before.

Among the new faces to the stage play include the following:

Yuya Endo as Levi
Shuhei Izumi as Erwin Smith
Reo Honda as Jean Kirschstein
Ryota Hirono as Connie Springer
Mio Imada as Sasha Braus
Hidekazu Nagae as Commander Pixis

There are four more names added to the cast, though they have not been specified for a particular role. These are Zenitsu Hashimoto, Koiji Saikawa, Hiroaki Harumoto, and Kana Sakai.

Previously, the cast for the three mainstays have also been revealed: Hiroki Miura as Eren Jaeger, Minami Tsukui as Mikasa Ackerman, and Shogo Sakamoto as Armin Arlert. There are already some visuals for these stage plays cast members.

While the costumes are superb down to the 3D maneuver gears, I have to wonder how they plan on making the cast look diversified in keeping with the story's narrative. After all, Mikasa is the only one who's supposed to be of oriental original among all of them.

Live Impact Attack on Titan will be shown at Chiba's Maihama Amphitheater from July 28 to Sept. 3.

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