Attack on Titan Episode 79 Explained: Is Eren the Bad Guy?

Attack on Titan episode 79 Eren Evil

Attack on Titan episode 79 Eren Evil

Attack on Titan’s episode 79 has got everyone talking! “Memories of the Future”, which many expected to be about Zeke’s plan for humanity’s future, ended up playing right into Eren’s hands.

If you’re left after that episode thinking “wait, what just happened?”, we’re here to help. While there were a lot of plot points here, we’re going to tackle the big question: is Eren the bad guy?

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Attack on Titan Episode 79 Recap

Attack on Titan Episode 79 Eren Grisha Memories
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“Memories of the Future” started with Zeke taking Eren on a journey through his childhood. Zeke hopes that by showing Eren his life through the eyes of their father, he can convince Eren that their father brainwashed him.

At the start, Zeke appeared to be in control of Eren and the situation. However, as memories of their father play out, he begins to realise that he wasn’t the terrible figure Zeke always assumed. Meanwhile, Eren is as stone-faced as ever.

Slowly, the mood shifts. Then, as their father pays a visit to the Reiss family, a HUGE plot line is unveiled.

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Attack on Titan Episode 79: Who’s Memories are Those?

Attack on Titan Eren Evil Memories
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The first big shock is Grisha’s revelation about the Attack Titan’s secret power: that it can see the memories of its future hosts. Their father knows what’s going to happen, not just in the show’s present moment, but also in its long-awaiting conclusion.

He pleads for the Reiss family to use the Founding Titan to save the island, and when they refuse, he attempts to kill them to take the power for himself. However, he can’t bring himself to kill people, especially children. This event was supposed to be the catalyst for the events of the whole series; in effect, Zeke watches history re-write itself.

Then, the second huge twist in the episode! Eren manages to converse with Grisha, convincing him to go ahead with his original plan and slaughter the Reiss family.

Distraught after the event, Grisha notices Zeke in his memories and pleads with him to stop Eren. Suddenly, the tables between the two brothers have been turned.

Attack on Titan: is Eren Evil?

Attack on Titan Episode 79 Evil Eren
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While there’s a lot to take in with the latest episode, the biggest revelation is that Eren appears to have been aware of this war-torn path for much longer than Zeke. In fact, Eren might have been manipulating the events of Attack on Titan ever since he was a child!

However, this twist had been teased earlier in the episode! Overlooking the events which first united Eren and Mikasa back on season 1, Eren says:

“I’m who I’ve always been, since the moment I was born. Rather than letting someone steal my freedom, I’ll steal theirs first. You won’t find the pathetic little brother you were hoping for in me.”

Since the very start of the show, Eren has been a single-minded character who saw violence as the only way to achieve freedom. The final season has shone a new angle on this bloody-mindedness, painting him as an enemy in the eyes of Marleyans. However, now it has been made very clear - Eren is the one that is seeking bloodshed.

Whether this desire for war and a potentially dark end to their story is truly evil or just an unfortunate necessity of their life behind the walls remains to be seen.

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