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Attack on Titan Cliffhanger Shows The Arrival of Mysterious Woman

Attack on Titan is currently in its final season, and it is safe to say that it’s going to be a wild ride throughout the whole season. When the final season of Attack on Titan was released, all eyes were on Eren to see how his plan of rebellion against Paradis would work out. It seems as if a few things have been thrown into question by season four, and it all has to do with the mysterious arrival of one woman.

The woman’s mysterious arrival came at the end of Episode 78 for those who are keeping up with the series. After Eren was hit with a fatal blow from Gabi, the lead ends up taking Zeke into the Path. The Path is a unique space where all of the Titans are made. The episode also goes on to welcome the creator of the Titans and the woman is revealed to be Ymir.

And for those of you wondering, it is not that Ymir that we saw back in Attack on Titan Season One. This Ymir is very ancient, and she is described by Zeke as the mother of the Titans.

Episode 78’s cliffhanger raises a lot of questions because both Paths and Ymir weren’t on our radars until now. All we knew is that the Eldian blood had deep roots, and these people have an innate connection to the Titans. This is the reason why the native Marleyeans take issue with the Eldians, and as we all know it, that treatment has started a war.

By the end of the latest episode, fans of Attack on Titan were informed that the Ymir that was seen at the end of the episode dates back to the First King and works as a savior to his kind. Just like Eren, freedom is just beyond her reach, and Zeke promises that her powers are incredible. After all, he is planning to use her gifts to save his half-brother Eren from their dad’s warped mission, but a lot of fans have a feeling that this plan is going to backfire in a big way.

Attack on Titan Episode 79 will be released on Sunday, January 30, 2022.

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