ASTRO Rocky Took This Person As His Beauty Advisor

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Credit: fantagio 판타지오/YouTube Screenshot

When asked which member has the most-extensive skincare routine, everyone in the group pointed at ASTRO Rocky. As it happens, he is extremely meticulous with his beauty regimens and products.

Allure learned about the six members’ takes on beauty and looks two years after the group’s debut. The K-pop idols shared some of their most shocking practices in an effort to take good care of their skin and overall visuals.

While the celebrities most likely get help from experts in the field, Rocky still listens to the one person who he saw as his beauty advisor. He and the rest of the group identified this individual, who means so much to him, during the interview.

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About The Idol's Beauty Advisor

Rocky revealed that growing up, his mother was his “beauty advisor.” She was the one who was guiding him and giving him products for his skin and beauty.

The K-pop idol even shared that, up to this day, he still keeps his mom’s pieces of advice in mind. He emphasized that he continues to follow what his mother told him to do, adding that he remains “passionate” about his routines and regimens.

The leader of ASTRO, JinJin, consequently compared his co-member to “Mother Nature.” He explained that Rocky “hates staying still, and always tries to change himself.”

Meanwhile, Moonbin quipped that the idol is a “mama’s boy.”

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ASTRO Rocky On Beauty, Skincare

One of the things that remains consistent in the ASTRO member’s skincare routine is a contact lens solution. The revelation shocked the interviewer and even his groupmate, Cha Eun Woo.

Rocky did not explain, however, how or when he applies the solution in his extensive beauty routine. But, he noted that the most important step in his regimen is the application of his chosen toner.

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Foam cleansers make the K-pop idols’s skin feel tight. Accordingly, he utilizes his toner with a cotton pad to balance out his skin.


Similar to his skincare routines, the ASTRO member did not dwell on his preferences when it comes to makeup. But, during the same engagement, it was learned that he likes his lip tints swiped all over his lips, unlike Moonbin who wants his tints only on the center.

Watch this space for more ASTRO Rocky news.

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