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ASTRO MJ Relationship 2022: Is He Dating Anyone?

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Most K-pop personalities encounter dating claims and speculations, linking them from one person to another. But, the case is different for ASTRO MJ as he appears to be among the few idols who have not faced relationship rumors.

The interest in learning more about this aspect of K-pop idols' lives is nothing new in the industry. Despite the public scrutiny, though, there remains very little information about MJ's relationships and dating life.

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Is ASTRO MJ In A Relationship Today?

Celebs Insights claims in a report that the ASTRO member is likely single and not in a relationship today. Apart from the lack of information, it notes that the idol remains relatively quiet about the matter.

Nevertheless, MJ has reportedly had at least a few relationships. However, the outlet points out that public information about the idol's past relationship varies, making it unclear whether the claim is legitimate.

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About MJ's Ideal Type

While MJ rarely discussed his relationships and dating life in public settings, reports said he has previously revealed the characteristics of his ideal type.

KpopMap previously compiled the said preferences of the ASTRO members when it comes to the person they would date.

In the piece, published earlier in April, the publication claimed that the K-pop idol prefers someone with a bright smile. It also noted that he likes a person with a good voice.

Most of the characteristics that MJ reportedly provided in the past appear to focus on the personality of the individual and not on the physical aspect. As stated, he prefers someone who has the same personality as him or matches his own.

It is also reported that the ASTRO member likes a person with a kind heart, the same sense of humor as him, and has good manners and a good impression - pretty much someone like him.

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The Idol Is Currently Completing His Service

Meanwhile, MJ is serving in the military as he completes his mandatory service.

The ASTRO member enlisted earlier in May and will conclude his service in November 2023, according to Koreaboo.

Watch this space for more ASTRO MJ news.

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