ASTRO JinJin Is Among 'Most Fashionable' Members, Groupmate Reveals

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Credit: fantagio/YouTube Screenshot

ASTRO JinJin leads one of the most popular K-pop groups inside and outside South Korea. As a successful and famous idol, many fans and followers look up to the 26-year-old celebrity.

Apart from his skills, though, his audience is also keen to learn more about his fashion sense and style.

K-pop onlookers know that this aspect plays an integral role in the personal and professional lives of idols. This is why most K-pop stars always ensure to look their best, in terms of their fashion choices.

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ASTRO JinJin Has Interest In Fashion

The ASTRO leader is among the members of the group who has an interest in fashion. Groupmate Cha Eun Woo previously made the revelation during an engagement with Esquire Korea, according to Koreaboo.

When asked who is the “most fashionable person” in their act, MJ, the “hyung” of the group, made the first response. He stated that all of the six idols have “obtained a different fashion sense,” making it “not easy to pick” who’s who.

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Eun Woo, then, chimed in and poked fun at MJ. He claimed that “people who answer like that are not very fashionable,” causing them to laugh.

The My ID Is Gangnam Beauty star consequently noted that MJ, as well as Moonbin, “does not really care much about fashion.” He, later on, shared that it is he, Sanha, and JinJin who are more into it.

About "ASTRO Fashion"

While Cha Eun Woo may have revealed who are the most fashionable members in ASTRO, it remains unclear what their respective signature styles are. But, avid fans and followers have a guide to the Blue Flame singers’ fashion picks, including its leader, JinJin.

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On Instagram, the group has a dedicated fan-made account, which centers only on the members’ fashion choices. Each post reveals the details of every idol’s sartorial pieces, including even accessories.

The page has grown its following and popularity since its launch. The account, which carries the handle “astrofashion_aroha,” has since amassed more than 13,600 followers with a total of 2,087 posts up to date.

Watch this space for more ASTRO JinJin news.


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