Aquaman Star Amber Heard Not 'Credible' Or 'Likeable' And No Longer Friends With Her Lawyers During Johnny Depp Trial, Camille Vasquez Says

Credit: COURT TV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: COURT TV/YouTube Screenshot

Camille Vasquez, the lawyer of Johnny Depp, was interviewed at Court TV’s Closing Arguments with Vinnie Politan and gave some behind-the-scenes details about the trial between the actor and his former wife, Amber Heard.

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In the interview, Vasquez described some of the events that transpired during the trial and discussed the impression he was left with after working on one of the most publicized legal cases in recent memory. She said:

"One of the most difficult witnesses was Dr. Dawn Hughes," Camille comments. "And another was Whitney, Amber's sister, because she was someone who was going to defend her relative no matter what.”

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Camille Vasquez also confirmed what she stated about Amber Heard during the trial's closing arguments. She shared:

“I think she is, as we said at the time, a bridge burner. I think these people, including her former lawyer, are no longer friends with her. Some of them showed a closed attitude about it, although this in no way means that they lied during their testimony.”

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The lawyer of Johnny Depp also divulged why she used to object so much to Amber Heard’s statements on the stand. Vasquez stated:

"She gave the impression that the things she said were things she had thought of at the last minute, that they were notes she had in a notebook. I even felt that there was really no one on her team who was helping her with her statements. You would see her team and they were always sitting in their places. That made me feel really bad for her because our team is completely different."

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Asked how she saw Amber Heard as a deponent, she said:

"I never saw her as a credible person or as someone likable. She claimed to be a victim of abuse, but the only person who ended up in the hospital with injuries was Johnny Depp. It was an intense relationship, but she was the aggressor.”

For starters, Vasquez is one of many members of Johnny Depp's legal team as an associate at the firm that represented the Pirates of the Caribbean. She has questioned witnesses throughout the trial, but she drew attention during Amber Heard's cross-examination when she frequently sparred with the actress.

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