22 Dec 2020 11:18 AM +00:00 UTC

Aquaman Star Amber Heard Earns Praise from Zack Snyder Following Justice League Reshoots

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Aquaman star Amber Heard may be the most controversial Hollywood celebrity right now but it looks like the 34-year-old actress is still poised to land more projects in the future despite the issues surrounding her personal life. Just this month, it was confirmed that Heard was part of Zack Snyder's Justice League reshoots and it was actually previously rumored that her role as Mera could be getting a major upgrade in the film.

Jason Momoa and Amber Heard in Aquaman.
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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

We reported a number of weeks back that Amber is rumored to be part of Batman's extended Knightmare scene, replacing her co-star Jason Momoa. The actress seemed to have impressed the director, so much so that he wants to work with Amber on a different project down the line. As per tipster Daniel Richtman (via Patreon), Snyder is a fan of the controversial actress. He said: "Zack Snyder likes Amber Heard and wants to work with her again likely for a Netflix project."

Mad props to the people who are able to separate Amber's personal troubles from her professional life. I mean, say what you will about the actress but to her credit, Heard did great in both Justice League and Aquaman and I understand why guys like Zack Snyder would be interested in working with her again. And as much as her detractors would hate for her to score more major projects, there's really nothing we can do at this point as Heard is being portrayed as the victim amid her legal battle with ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Zack Snyder's Justice League will hit HBO Max in March 2021.

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