Aquaman 2 Reportedly Removes Ben Affleck's Cameo

A few months ago, we found out that Ben Affleck is set to reprise his Bruce Wayne/Batman role in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom for a cameo in addition to his appearance in The Flash. The news was celebrated by fans during that time since it is yet again another extension for the actor's tenure in the DCEU.

However, it looks like Affleck's cameo in the sequel will not happen anymore based on a scoop from notable insider KC Walsh. According to them, the latest cut of the film that was shown during a recent test screening did not show any scenes involving Affleck, suggesting that he may not be part of the film anymore.

In addition, they also claimed that Amber Heard's scenes remain unchanged (despite reports that it is otherwise) and Willem Dafoe's Vulko did not also make an appearance despite being prominently part of the first film.

Other notable scoopers also supported Walsh's claim including MyTimeToShineHello who wrote in their tweet, "A little update: There was no Bruce in it at all and they changed stuff around so he is no longer necessary to the plot."

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So far, Warner Bros. and DC have not confirmed any of these claims so we may have to take it with a grain of salt for now. Considering that the film is still in the post-production process, it is likely that Affleck's exclusion is not yet final and they might still do some tinkering.

Prior to Affleck's casting in the film, there were rumors that Michael Keaton's Batman was also supposed to appear initially. When the sequel was supposed to release before The Flash, he was allegedly replaced by Affleck for timeline consistency. Now, it sounds like the film won't have Batman anymore despite the change of release to several months after The Flash's release.

While this might be disappointing for some DCEU fans, Affleck's exclusion is still not final at this point so it is still not a cause for concern for now. Unless we've heard anything official, there is still a possibility that Affleck remains to be part of the film.

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Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is slated for release in theaters on December 25, 2023. You can check more details about it here.

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