Adorable Anya & Bond Figure Captures Iconic Spy x Family Part 2 Moment

Anya Bond Figure Spy x Family Anya

Anya Bond Figure Spy x Family Anya

Thanks to its popularity, Spy x Family now has lots of merch, the latest of which is an adorable Anya & Bond figure that captures their iconic moment from Spy x Family Part 2.

While Anya is often considered the face of the anime (as she appears in almost all merch), this new figure puts the spotlight on both Anya and Bond, the newest member of the family.

Though this figure has some differences compared to the scene in the anime.

Spy x Family Merch

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This year saw lots of big anime titles, though it’s fair to say that Spy x Family is the biggest of the year in terms of both popularity and streaming numbers.

Aside from getting lots of discussions online after every episode’s release, Spy x Family is also consistently the most-streamed anime in Japan in the last couple of months.

To capitalize on its popularity, lots of merch for Spy x Family got released, including figures and several high-profile collaborations.

For instance, Spy x Family teamed up with Lawson for a lineup of collectibles and food. Then there’s the Burger King Japan crossover that featured special menu items with peanut butter (in reference to Anya’s favorite food).

Both collabs were only released in Japan, though there are some other merch collections released outside Japan.

Specifically, there’s the Uniqlo collection that was released in the US and in other countries worldwide.

There’s also a wide range of figures that are released outside Japan. The latest is this new Anya & Bond figure from Kotobukiya.

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Anya & Bond Kotobukiya Figure

Kotobukiya revealed this adorable new figure just recently via its official website.

There, images of the figure along with the pricing and availability information were also revealed.

Fans of the show will see that the figure is a reference to the scene where Anya rides Bond in Part 2.

Though this figure does have some differences from the anime version.

Specifically, this figure has Anya in her casual dress. In the anime, Anya wears her winter clothes.

This also isn’t the first time that Anya and Bond got a figure together.

Previously, a SEGA prize figure was also released with a similar pose, though this previous figure sees Anya wearing her school uniform.

This Kotobukiya figure is available for pre-order now in Japan for JPY 17,600 (around USD 130) and will be released in June 2023.

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Source: Official Kotobukiya website

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