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Anime Twitter Scrambling for Alternative Platforms Due to Shutdown Fears

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For the past couple of years, Twitter has been the platform of choice for many anime fans. But now, Anime Twitter is scrambling for an alternative platform amid fears of a shutdown following the recent turn of events.

It all started a few weeks ago when Elon Musk purchased Twitter for USD 54.20 per share.

Following his purchase of the social media platform, Musk became Twitter’s CEO, and he soon enacted several major changes.

Twitter Shutdown Fears

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Back in April of this year, Elon Musk agreed to buy out the platform, though the deal was put on hold a month after.

But in October, Musk officially acquired Twitter, with the acquisition being completed on October 27.

Soon after his Twitter purchase, Musk quickly began a new project which is a monthly subscription for USD 8.00 that gives subscribers a blue check mark that was previously available only to verified users.

The service was halted last week due to a flood of misinformation on the platform.

Specifically, many users impersonated government officials, companies, and celebrities using the eight-dollar check mark subscription.

While the subscription was put on hold, Musk continued his firing spree within the company.

When he became CEO, Musk fired roughly half of Twitter’s employees. This was done reportedly due to Musk overpaying for the Twitter acquisition.

The most recent news came earlier today as it was announced that Twitter’s offices will be closed on Monday following the mass quitting of employees.

The large number of employees leaving the company is said to be because of Musk’s internal email that asked them to work for long hours at high intensity.

Anime Fans React to Twitter Shutdown Rumors

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Amidst everything that's going on with the social media platform's management, anime fans have also expressed their worries and concerns about Twitter's possible closing down.

After all, a lot of fans have relied on Twitter as their source of anime news and updates.

It has also been a venue for fans to communicate with each other, exchange opinions, and share content and fan art.

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Anime Twitter Looks for Alternative Platforms

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Because of the recent turn of events, there’s speculation that Twitter may be forced to shut down soon due to the large number of employees that quit in a short period.

In reaction, many anime fans expressed their thoughts on the possible shutdown.

While many had joking remarks about the platform’s woes, there is significant discussion about the alternative platforms anime Twitter can switch to.

In one of the many threads, anime fans discussed potential alternatives. There, they listed some possible options for anime discussions.

One of the sites that were mentioned is Tumblr.

There are also anime fans who suggested social media platforms such as Instagram or TikTok.

Meanwhile, Discord has also been put forward as a possible platform to switch to.

Another possible candidate is Reddit, as it’s already a platform with lots of anime discussions.

Dedicated anime forums can also be an option, though some like Crunchyroll’s forum are shutting down soon.

If Twitter does indeed shut down because of the recent fiasco, it will be interesting to see where anime fans will move for online discussions and news.

After all, many anime and manga titles are announced on Twitter through official channels.

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