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5 Anime Like One Piece

The Straw Hats

Though One Piece is hardly the longest-running anime of all time, it's undeniably one of the most-beloved. This fantasy-adventure by Eiichiro Oda about Monkey D. Luffy and the whole Straw Hat Pirate Crew has been capturing hearts since its first manga chapter in 1997. As the anime closes in on its 1000th episode as of this writing, it continues to catch the interest of even newer anime fans.

If you're among those who have taken on the challenge of watching the show all the way to its latest episode, chances are you're feeling stuck, wondering if there exists a series you'll like as much, if not more. The good news is there are tons of them! And we've rounded up a mix of some of the best shows old and new to watch while you wait for the next One Piece episode.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

A mysterious character from JoJo's Bizarre Adventures
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This Hirohiko Araki classic has been dubbed as being way ahead of its time. First published in 1987, its plot is one that encompasses generations. Proof of its strong and still growing fanbase is the successful Netflix run of the anime's sixth part, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean.

The first part of JoJo's Bizzare Adventure is set in the year 1880. It centers on the exploits of Jonathan Joestar as he goes from being a pampered but bullied rich boy to being a comically buff man strong enough to finally go head-to-head with the scheming Dio Brando, whom Jonathan's father adopted under false assumptions.

We think you'll love JoJo if you enjoyed One Piece because both shows have epic plotlines that even modern anime fans will enjoy despite being original creations from the late 90s.

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The Seven Deadly Sins

Meliodas and Elizabeth Liones
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Nakaba Suzuki's Seven Deadly Sins is another epic tale that's garnered such a massive following, resulting in five successful seasons, two movies, and three OVAs.

While Luffy and the crew's goalpost is locating the mythical "One Piece," Meliodas and the band's main objective is to redeem themselves after being wrongly accused of committing crimes. Much like the Straw Hat Pirates, Seven Deadly Sins' criminal-warrior group goes on a string of adventures in order to reach their goal.

In our opinion, the two shows couldn't get any more similar than that!


Gintoki in rage
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Gintama is the least-belonging item in this whole list. At first glance, the two are quite different, with One Piece's plot being more continuous than that of the more episodic Gintama.

However, the differences become less glaring when the background elements of the two are compared. While it's a given that both shows are packed with action and adventure, it's the top-tier comedic quality of the two that makes them give off the same vibe. The laughs are very much welcome too, since when it's combat time for characters of either anime, it really is full of action.

Gintama: The Final, which was released in 2021, has become the highest-rated anime of all time. If you weren't so sure you were going to like it at first, then maybe this feat would make you think twice!

My Hero Academia

Deku smiling with his fist up across his chest
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My Hero Academia is one of the more recent titles in this list, but it's worthy of being called a modern classic. Its main character, Deku, is known among internet anime fans as one of this generation's Big Three, along with Black Clover's Asta and Demon Slayer's Tanjiro. It's important to note that an earlier generation Big Three consists of Naruto, Ichigo from Bleach, and Luffy. See where we're getting at?

The two anime's main characters' similarities don't end with simply having the same hall-of-famer status. Where Luffy is on a journey toward becoming the King of the Pirates, Deku is constantly self-improving to become the kind of hero that he wants to be, in a world where "Quirks," the anime's version of superpowers, defines a person's purpose. Both characters have figures they look up to, Luffy's Shanks and Deku's All Might, both of whom have pushed both characters in unimaginable ways.

If you can't watch My Hero Academia yet but are already itching to understand, Deku's Quirk is explained really well here.


Kagome riding on Inuyasha's back, and Miroku, Sango, and Shippo riding on Kirara's back
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InuYasha is another classic anime that continues to win hearts despite its final season having been completed in 2010. With an anime-only spin-off anime called Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon released, the series has seen a renewed interest from both OG fans and a newer generation of watchers who have only heard about the anime because of its long-awaited sequel.

Aside from the obvious similarities of fantasy-adventure shonen tropes, the biggest thing that InuYasha and One Piece have in common is the strong nakama (comrade or companion) attitude of the two main characters. Both Luffy and Inuyasha have strong emotional attachments to their friends, whom the two travel with on the way to each of their holy grails. Both main characters are seen as their own groups' protectors.

InuYasha is one of the most well-known isekai anime that some even like to say is among the first of its kind.

While in no way a complete list, these five anime are some good ones to watch if you love the gripping action, light-hearted fun, comedy, adventure, and heart-tugging storyline of One Piece. Be sure to give them a watch!

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