Andrew Lincoln Spotted in France; Hints He May Appear in Norman Reedus’ The Walking Dead Spinoff Daryl Dixon

Credit: Screenshot

Credit: Screenshot

Andrew Lincoln has been spotted in Paris, France, which quickly leads to assumptions that he may appear in Norman Reedus’ upcoming The Walking Dead spinoff aptly titled Daryl Dixon.

Daryl Dixon is set in France and is about to begin its filming soon. So, does Lincoln’s sighting mean he will work alongside Reedus in the much-anticipated The Walking Dead spinoff?

Andrew Lincoln in France

Twitter user AndyLincolnNews shared a snap of the 49-year-old actor with a fan. From there, speculations began that he would be part of Reedus’ new TWD show.

Many left the comment section with a photo of his and Reedus’ characters, Rick and Daryl. One fan even said that he was probably there for the Daryl spinoff.

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For starters, Rick was part of TWD for eight seasons. He left the show in season nine after sacrificing his life by blowing up a bridge to save Alexandria and other communities in Virginia from the horde of zombies.

Rick survived the explosion, but Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) took him via a helicopter to an unknown CRM location.

Hints that Rick May Appear in The Walking Dead Spinoff Daryl Dixon

Lincoln’s presence in France may not mean he will appear in Daryl Dixon, but Reedus seems to hint that he’s not alone in his way to the European country.

He earlier said that Daryl didn’t go to France of his own will, so he might be accompanied, or someone brought him there.

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There are theories it could be the CRM. Aside from taking Rick, the group also abducted Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond survivors.

So, as a victim of the CRM, Rick may have a brief appearance in Daryl Dixon. This may serve as Rick’s way to return to The Walking Dead universe.

It’s also possible that Rick may have escaped the CRM and made his way to Europe. Another way is the CRM may have forced him to work for them.

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Daryl Dixon will be a story solely about Reedus’ character, while it can also be the start of Rick’s new tale as he’s about to release his own TWD spinoff.

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